Two Hunting Apps Form Partnership


8efaf26b-03eb-4207-9880-a1f8bfae8916Powderhook and ScoutLook announced a partnership today that’s designed to draw users to the Digital Mentoring program delivered via the Powderhook app.

Operating like a help desk, the Powderhook app empowers hunters, anglers and a variety of outdoors enthusiasts to ask questions and receive answers from people in their vicinity. Looking for a local shop to purchase ammunition? Need advice for deer hunting during the rut? Seeking advice for hunting during the rut? Powderhook users can lean on Digital Mentors for any type of advice or insight.
“Everyone in the outdoors industry understands the importance of finding innovative ways to encourage recruitment of new hunters and anglers,” said Josh Dahlke, ScoutLook’s Vice President of Operations and Content. “But recruitment means nothing without retention. An open line of communication and support is critical for keeping modern sportsmen engaged, and this new Digital Mentoring program from Powderhook offers a solution to make that happen. We’re excited to get ScoutLook users on board with this program!”

Download the free Powderhook app today and sign up to become a Digital Mentor. You’ll find an intuitive interface that makes it easy to participate and do your part to help new sportsmen.

About Powderhook: Powderhook promises to help people get outdoors more often. The Powderhook app and website are a one-stop place to find local, current information and expertise simply not available anywhere else. Our mission is ‘Access for All,’ which means we’re bringing all the local updates, groups, trips, events, and spots we can into one simple-to-use resource. To get the Powderhook app, visit us at

About ScoutLook: ScoutLook is owned and operated by hunters and fishermen who understand the unique demands of today’s outdoorsman. Our website and mobile apps provide a powerful weather forecasting system like none other. Proprietary features such as ScentCone Wind Maps, ScoutMarX, DriftPoint Wind Maps and DeerLog allow you to make the most of your time in the field or on the water.