Target Communications Publishes New Bear Hunting Book

Target Communications Outdoor Books‘ newest release IN THE LAND OF THE BEAR is an inside look at the excitement, mystery, danger and adventure of hunting huge, aggressive brown bears and traveling in Russia in the last years of the Twentieth Century and first years of this century, a time of political turmoil when the Soviet Union was evolving into Russia.

In addition to hair-raising stories of lethal bear attacks on people and livestock, bears digging up coffins in cemeteries, bears invading camps, and bear hunting in general, the book contains historical perspective of what was happening politically at that time in Russia, detailing how the Siberian people lived, worked, survived … and how they viewed ordinary Americans. (Favorably.)

The author was the first American guide/outfitter to hunt and take clients to the brown bear capital of the world. (Nearly 70 percent of the world’s brown bear population is in Russia.) Russia is a game rich country, because most residents cannot own firearms and thus there is little hunting activity.

This book is an expanded and updated re-issue of the author’s first effort, with more brown bear, grizzly bear and moose information and more photos of trophy animals. It is an outdoor adventure book above all, not a how-to hunting book, but many how-to aspects come through in the tales told.

Fascinating stories, all, in 23 engrossing chapters!

IN THE LAND OF THE BEAR is 280 pages, paperback, and will be available for purchase on March 8, 2017. For book details and pricing, go to If you would like to receive a copy for review, please contact Glenn Helgeland.