Follow Three College Students on their Journey to Learn Marksmanship with Serena Juchnowski

Serena’s latest article follows the journey of three college students who traveled with her to the range to learn gun safety and marksmanship. One had never shot before and the other two had very limited exposure. All three were generally more aware than they had ever been before of firearm safety following their trip to the range and were shocked by some of the things they learned. Each had a different perspective to offer and nearly all expect to continue at least casually in the shooting sports.

What Happens When College Students Learn Marksmanship?

“Are you serious? You can teach me to shoot?” I still remember my friend Kai asking me incredulously.

“Yes”, I laughed. It seemed as if I had promised to make pigs fly. I just started college at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio this past year and had never realized how many teenagers are interested in marksmanship, but do not have any opportunity to pursue it.