SCI Names Bob Milligan North American Professional Hunter of the Year

Milligan continued to help guide in the territory until he was nineteen when his life was turned upside down. In the spring of 1989, his parents were killed in a floatplane crash. They left the hunting territory to Milligan and his minor siblings, making him the youngest outfitter in British Columbian history. The tragedy left Milligan with the unhappy decision of whether to sell the outfit or run it. Ultimately, his love for the territory prevailed and he determined to keep his parents alive through the company.
Bob Milligan and his magnificent territory are well-known throughout the hunting community and it isn’t hard to realize why! Milligan has owned and operated the largest guide territory in British Columbia for 27 years and with the largest territory comes the largest game. Hunters from around the world continuously contact Milligan in hopes that he can assist them in harvesting some of the world’s biggest mountain goat and grizzly bear. He has personally guided well over 1,000 hunters with an incredible success rate.  It is safe to say that Bob Milligan is one of the world’s best guide-outfitters. Among his greatest trophies are the number one Pope &Young mountain goat and the number one muzzleloader grizzly bear. Milligan is the grandfather of winter goat hunting and is responsible for the 100 percent success rate that SCI hunters have enjoyed for years. He claims that this is his biggest hunting highlight.
All of these accomplishments have earned Milligan one of SCI’s highest honors, The North American Professional Hunter of the Year Award.
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