Sausage Season Goes into Second Printing

Eileen Clarke’s Sausage Season: Making your wild meat wildly amazing is about to go into its second printing.

Published last fall by, it is the perfect companion to Slice of the Wild.  While Slice takes your big game animals from bullet to fork, Sausage Season gives you the variety you crave.  Between them there are over 250 recipes, 80 pages of how-to (from field dressing and butchering made to fit your family size—to details on the technique of making sausage that’s not mealy—but the creamy texture you know it needs to be.

There are lots of sausage books out there, some written by hunters who’ve been making sausage for decades—but think we all know more than we actually do.  Then there’s the French chefs who use expensive ingredients but also don’t give the complete picture.  Eileen knows. She sold off a lot of those books at her last rummage sale. At a big, big loss.  None of them go into the detail: they’ll say the sausage mix needs to be cold, but not how cold. They’ll say it needs to be ‘paddled,’ but not say for how long. They’ll say it needs to get ‘tacky,’ but tacky is only the half of it. 

Eileen tells you what temperature the meat needs to be, and what it looks and feels like when it gets there; how long you need to mix it.  And shows you the photos of what it looks like when it’s ready.  She’s researched the science of it—and yes, good sausage making includes science—and found the tricks to simplify the process and guarantee it will work every time.

Here’s what people are saying about Sausage Season and Slice of the Wild:

“By the way, Eileen, I recently bought a copy of your Sausage Season book, & it was most helpful.  Sandra & I made a sampler batch of eleven of your sausage recipes, tasted them, & selected the four we liked best to make 100 pounds of venison/pork sausages.  We ‘tweaked’ the spices a bit, and were most pleased with the results!   Ted”

Diana Rupp, editor of Sports Afield says: “Eileen Clarke’s books are at the top of my list of great wild game cooking guides. . . . [She] is one of today’s foremost experts on game cookery . . . and Slice of the Wild is a real bullet-to-fork guide dedicated entirely to big-game recipes.”

Sausage Season

168 pages, spiral bound, large format: $28. Review copies available.

Contact Eileen Clarke at or call her at 406-521-0273. More details about Eileen’s cookbooks see