Powderhook.com, a free web and mobile service that connects hunters and anglers with places to hunt and fish, announced today the company has now mapped public land in all 50 states. Total acres available for public hunting and fishing access now total over 535 million.

“We’re on a mission to make it easier to find a place to hunt or fish,” says Eric Dinger, Powderhook CEO. “It’s 100% free to use and it’s likely we’ll have several places nearby for just about anyone in the United States.” Public data is being collected by working with state and federal wildlife divisions in combination with other proprietary sourcing methods.

Dinger acknowledges that most people would rather hunt on private ground. Eventually Powderhook will connect sportsmen with opportunities including leases, trespass fees, blind seats, and boat charters. Sellers of hunting and fishing spots such as outfitters, guides and lodges, can create listings using Powderhook.com right now, though the selection for sportsmen is limited. Eventually buyers will be able to choose between public and private opportunities. “Our site has a long way to go, but we’re working hard every day to find people access.”

Public hunting and fishing locations exist in nearly every region of the country. Though similar services exist on many state websites, Powderhook is one of the first free resources to aggregate public land in a way that makes it easy to find spots no matter where a person wants to go. “Most states have really nice tools for finding hunting and fishing locations. But, we believe people want to know their options. Some people want a mix of public and private ground. Others want only public or only private. We’re trying to make it easy for the individual to decide,” said Dinger.


Main website: www.powderhook.com

Search for public property: www.powderhook.com/search/map