Powderhook and 3-Gun Nation Partner to Integrate Shooting Sports and Conservation

Powderhook and 3-Gun Nation Partner to Integrate Shooting Sports and Conservation

Powderhook and 3-Gun Nation (3GN) are pleased to announced a partnership to help connect 3GN shooters with Powderhook’s website.  Registration for 3GN will be powered by Powderhook, making it easier and more efficient to register for events and trainings.  

“By now, many people recognize our mission statement: Access for All,” said Eric Dinger, Powderhook CEO.  “But the solutions our industry needs are not  just for hunting and fishing access. One day a user might be looking for a competition in which to shoot, they may be interested in attending an NWTF banquet, or they might just want to find a range to sight in their rifle. The access problem is bigger and more complicated than simply finding someone a spot to hunt or fish,” Dinger said.” For that reason Powderhook introduced group, event and trip management functionality.

“Registration for 3-gun training courses is a meaningful place for our partnership to begin,” said 3GN President Pete Brown. “For people new to shooting, or new to 3-gun, it can be intimidating to think about getting started. Like anything new, there is a learning curve and a level of ‘swallowing one’s pride’ that goes into getting started. New shooters and hunters are the lifeblood of the future of our industry, so it’s fulfilling for me that our partnership start on the training side.”

“Shooters play a major role in the North American Model of Conservation,” Dinger continued. “Each time a shooter pulls the trigger they are contributing financially to the perpetuation of our wild animals and places. It’s exciting for Powderhook to be working with 3-Gun Nation, because we believe our platform can help build a better connection for shooters to the conservation community. As 3-Gun Nation ramps up their involvement with our technology and users, it is our hope we can find new shooters to send into the 3-Gun world and that we can find 3-Gunners who might be looking for other things to do outdoors.”

“As one of the fastest growing forms of outdoor recreation, 3-gunning is becoming a part of the way of life for the American shooter,” said Brown. “3-Gun Nation is proud to be a part of the Powderhook platform. As a pair of up-and-comers, I’m eager to see what we can get done together to help people and to help our industry.”

About Powderhook

Powderhook’s mission is Access for All. That means access for new hunters, anglers

and shooters; for parents and their children; for neighbors who haven’t been out in the

field for years; and for you. Powderhook works with the nation’s leading conservation

organizations, retailers and manufacturers. The Powderhook platform is bringing our

industry together to solve some of its most important problems.

About 3-Gun Nation

3-Gun Nation promotes practical shooting by shining a light on amateur and professional shooters alike, as well as the guns, gear, and lifestyle that define the high-octane sport of 3-gun competition.  


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