POMA Board Election Winners

The votes have been tallied in the Board of Directors Election, and two new board members have been elected to begin their three year terms in March, 2015. The POMA media membership has elected Andrew Chamberlain and Fredy Riehl.

The Board of Directors that governs POMA is comprised of volunteers from our membership. The board represents the membership, determines services and benefits, and makes decisions that move the organization forward into the future.

We’re grateful to Andrew and Fredy for agreeing to serve in this important capacity. Their talents and business skills will be immense assets to POMA.

Andrew Chamberlain is a freelance writer and book author, and Fredy Riehl is Founder and Editor-In-Chief of AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.


Andrew Chamberlain
Morgan, Utah

Freelance Writer and
Author: Cartridge Comparison Guide

Fredy Riehl
Manasquan, New Jersey

Editor, AmmoLand Shooting Sports News


Andrew Chamberlain is known as a ballistics expert but prefers to be called a Ballistics Enthusiast. He has published three books with several others in the works. He has written many articles for hunting magazines, blogs and other media outlets. He has also researched, developed and published nine unique posters of life-sized cartridge images each featuring a unique cartridge category. The ignition that launched him into the outdoor writing arena is three fold:  First was an extreme frustration with the folklore, myth, and media frenzies that blur and distort fact from fiction in many aspects of the hunting and shooting world. Second was the disparity in facts; regarding comparative cartridge potency and relative performance in ammunition. Third was the mass confusion, and in some cases outright mistruths, about bullet (projectile) performance and bullet capabilities.

As an Author, Andrew Chamberlain draws from his somewhat unique, but extremely relatable background to formulate and temper his writing style. He grew up in a small town, working the land and taking care of animals. Hunting, fishing, camping, and High School sports were as normal as one could expect.

On a personal note, Andrew Chamberlain has realized four of his biggest dreams within the last few years. He has been to Africa where he hunted and killed both an Eland and a Lion (there are still several African animals on his list).  He has lived in and hunted Alaska.  He married his sweetheart and is now a new father of two beautiful children.

Overall, Andrew Chamberlain loves truth, freedom, free agency and accountability as well as all things associated with the Second Amendment and the ability to hunt and feed one’s self and family. He works to preserve and bring these things to light in his daily and professional efforts.
Fredy Riehl is 27 year veteran of corporate communications, public and media relations, as well as successful digital publisher. He’s the Founder and Editor In Chief of AmmoLand Shooting Sports News. NRA Life Member, Ring Of Freedom Member, Advocate & Adviser for NRA Board members. As well as recipient or the Second Amendment Foundation’s 2012 “Defender Of Liberty Award“. Not to mention, a rabid promoter of all positive pro gun news and pain in the ass of “anti’s” everywhere.