PLANO Introduces Women’s Series Soft Bags



plano_logoMen and women both enjoy the outdoors, however, most women’s style differ from men’s. Plano is proud to introduce their newest product, marketed toward women. The new Plano Women’s Series of soft bags are three new totes offering all-new functional designs to maximize her enjoyment for a day on the lake, river or sea.

Women are to men as sweet raspberry jam is to garlic-infused salami, yet the passions we share often go together like peas and carrots.

Take fishing, for example. Casting, trolling, still-fishing… it doesn’t matter. Both sexes will obsess about it equally. In short: Fishing is not a gender-specific sport.

But men and women go about things a little differently on the water. What we bring and how we organize it is just one of the many distinctions. Yes, we’re talking gear and tackle storage here – something Plano has obsessed over for the last 63 years. So, when it came to producing an all-new line of women’s tackle storage bags, they did more than just candy-coat a series of tackle totes with hot-pink hues and slap the “ladies label” on the side.

Introducing the Plano Women’s Series of soft bags, three new totes offering all-new functional designs to maximize her enjoyment for a day on the lake, river or sea. And, yes, they come in fashionable shades of teal with light-pink trim.

Plano Women's Series Tackle Tote
Plano Women’s Series Tackle Tote

Plano has always made high-quality products,” says Plano Prostaffer Marianne Huskey— the first and only female “Angler of the Year” in professional fishing. “The new Woman’s Series of soft bags are not only attractive to the female eye, but are well thought out in design and functionality.”

First let us familiarize you with the Woman’s Series Tote, which can hold up to four 3600 StowAway Utility Boxes. Don’t need that many lures? Its main compartment is divided. Remove two Stowaways and use half the space for a light jacket or other fundamentals. Two oversized end pockets are perfect for storing water bottles, sunscreen or other large items, while two huge slip pockets provide additional utility. Inside, a zippered interior cell phone pocket sits near the top main opening for easy access. Two nylon straps fit comfortably in the hand for straightforward lift and carry.

Plano Women's Series Tackle Bag
Plano Women’s Series Carrier

Next up, the Woman’s Series Carrier offers softer, rounded edges and a smaller silhouette. This compact satchel can also handle up to four 3600 StowAway Utility Boxes in its main compartment, and has a double zippered opening at the top for wide open, super-easy access. Six convenient slip pockets can be found throughout the Carrier’s exterior, providing Plano-grade utility. Double nylon handles secure with a padded hook-and-loop grip as well a cushioned over-the shoulder strap make carrying long distances comfortable.


Plano Women's Series Carrier

Last but not least, the Woman’s Series Tackle Bag offers female anglers a more traditional Plano tackle storage design, but in the unique colors ladies like. Four 3600 StowAway totes can be filled with true tackle tonnage, all held securely under a buckled top that’s a “snap” to open and latch. Four zippered and three mesh pockets give this ultimate women’s tackle bag ample storage for essential fishing tools, sunglasses, pocketbooks and more. Two padded handles and cushioned shoulder strap are customary.

423600 Woman’s Series Tote

  •     19.5”L x 5.25”W x 13”H
  •     Two 3600 StowAways included
  •     Holds up to four 3600 StowAways
  •     Divided main compartment
  •     Two end pockets and four slip pockets
  •     Interior zippered phone pouch
  •     12.5”L x 8.5”W x 9”H
  •     Two 3600 StowAways included
  •     Holds up to four 3600 StowAways
  •     Compact silhouette
  •     Six exterior slip pockets
  •     Double zippered main compartment
  •     16.5”L x 11”W x 10”H
  •     Two 3600 StowAways included
  •     Holds up to four 3600 StowAways
  •     Classic design
  •     Easy-opening buckled top flap
  •     Four zippered and three mesh pockets
MSRP: $29.99

Created from a clean slate with the needs of the female angler in mind, Plano’s new Woman’s Series soft bags are more than just soft, feminine colors. They are unique by design – a premium and distinctive line of innovative bags, each combining high-quality materials made to fully meet her boating and fishing needs. Learn more at