OutdoorHub.com Launches New Featured Columns From Veteran Outdoor Communicators Bill Miller and Laurie Lee Dovey

You know OutdoorHub.com as the most up-to-date relevant source for news on all things outdoorshunting, fishing, camping, shooting sports, conservation, survival, and much more.  This month, OutdoorHub.com expanded its ample menu with the addition of weekly, featured columns from two of America’s best-known and experienced outdoor journalists, Bill Miller and Laurie Lee Dovey.

Lifelong outdoorsman and 30-plus-year veteran writer, editor, and television host Bill Miller posts his column each Monday covering all aspects of shotgunning. Miller’s least favorite question is “What’s your favorite kind of hunting?” because he loves them all and isn’t ready to give up any of them. But, when pressed, he’ll tell you it’s anything he can do with a shotgun.

Shotgunning covers a lot of ground including upland birds, small game, waterfowl, slug hunting big game, turkeys, predators, and more.  Miller’s column will include all of these plus a healthy dose of tactical/defensive shotgunning as well as firearms selection, care and security.  Now and then, he’s likely to even throw in a recipe or two for the game you bag with your shotgun!

Laurie Lee Dovey has a unique perspective on the outdoor world.  Her 30-plus-year career as a journalist has focused primarily on the traditional outdoor pursuits like hunting, fishing and camping, but she’s also worked in other sport industries.  This gives Dovey both an insider’s and outsider’s view of the pursuits we love.  She’s a woman who’s been there, done that in many of these traditionally male activities.

Her new OutdoorHub.com featured column cover a wide range of outdoor sports from hunting and fishing to camp cooking, survival/prepping, outdoors and sport safety, firearms and self-defense. Whatever’s hot, whatever’s relevant right now, Dovey will key you in to when, where and how to get out and enjoy your passions. Look for Dovey’s columns on OutdoorHub.com each Tuesday.

“I‘m thrilled to share Bill’s and Laurie Lee’s work with our readers,” says Matt Korovesis, managing editor of OutdoorHub.com. “Their columns tackle engaging topics from unique angles, and open outdoorsmen’s and women’s eyes to new ideas and methods for all their favorite pastimes—and professions.”

Miller’s and Dovey’s features are the foundation of a new series of columns OutdoorHub.com will launch in the months ahead.  OutdoorHub.com will seek out the best, most experienced writers in each subject area to develop content you’ll find interesting, entertaining and important to your own outdoor pursuits.

Be sure to check out the new OutdoorHub.com columns from Miller and Dovey.  You’ll be hooked from the start.


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