Now available for freelance projects: Wild Revelation LLC, Kodiak Alaska

Joseph Classen, the owner and operator of Wild Revelation Guide Service LLC, and Wild Revelation Photography, is now available for your freelance photography and writing needs.

Joseph is a lifelong, vastly experienced outdoorsman, who has spent countless hours in the wildest, most remote and unforgiving areas of Alaska, Canada, and the lower 48 states. He offers clients a unique, in-the-field perspective that very few possess or can deliver. After all, there are weeks during the summer that he literally spends more time around Kodiak bears and Alaskan wildlife than people. 

Along with being a proud member of POMA, his media resume includes:

  • Author of (soon to be) seven published books on topics including Christian spirituality, wildlife and nature photography, outdoor skills, fishing, hunting, and outdoor adventure
  • Freelance writer, photographer, and contributor for publications including: American Hunter, Alaska Magazine, Self-Reliance Illustrated, Minnesota Whitetail, Missouri Conservationist, Permission to Hunt, Pro Nature Photographer, Apogee Photo Magazine, Kodiak Daily Mirror, Smithsonian Journeys, St. Louis Review, Catholic St. Louis, Islands America, Branson Daily News, The United States Post Office, Kodiak Island Travel Bureau, Alaska Dept. of Conservation, Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge, and others
  • Nature/wildlife stock photographer for Tide-Mark Publishers, Accent Alaska and Papilio Photography
  • 2009 – 2012: Produced, engineered, and hosted a nationally syndicated outdoors themed radio program
  • Host of educational DVD series for Ligouri Publications
  • Guest expert on multiple local and nationwide radio programs
  • Three guest appearances on EWTN television programs
  • Registered Alaskan Fishing Guide and outdoor business owner
  • Countless hours of field experience in extreme wilderness environments and working within very close proximity of potentially dangerous Alaskan wildlife


For more information, and to see examples of his work, please visit his newly redesigned photography website at


Contact:  907-942-5637