New Yamaha OAI Writer’s Award – Call for Applications

The Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative ( is introducing an all-new writer’s award program and encouraging eligible journalists to nominate themselves or someone they know by September 30.

Yamaha created the new award program to support journalists who are leading the national conversation around safe, responsible use of outdoors equipment and access to public lands and other areas where we all like to ride, hunt, or otherwise enjoy outdoors activities.

The Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative is dedicated to those who work and play outdoors including, but not limited to, those who rely on off-highway vehicles (OHVs) to ride, camp, hunt, fish or farm.

Supporting the outdoor enthusiast, the Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative’s mission is to provide practical support for efforts that promote safe, responsible use of OHVs, educate the public on proper recreational land use and wildlife conservation practices, and protect appropriate and sustainable access to public lands.
Details of the new awards program include:

– Nominate self or other by emailing submission to by the Yamaha OAI quarterly deadline September 30, 2016.

– Application should include ALL of the following to be considered:

1. 150 words or less for why nominee should receive award.
2. Commitment to identify grant opportunity within YOAI guidelines.
3. Sample of one or more stories published between Sept. 1, 2015, to Sept. 1, 2016. Stories must promote safe, responsible use, and/or open, sustainable access in line with the Yamaha OAI mission.

– Yamaha OAI Review Committee will review submissions and select winner(s) during fall 2016 quarterly review committee meeting.

– Submissions within these categories are encouraged:

(1) Hunting, (2) Ag Farm/Ranch, (3) Off-road

– Winner(s) receive recognition and a YOAI grant to go towards a project of their choosing that falls within the Yamaha OAI guidelines.

(Yamaha maintains final approval of project. Guidelines available here.)

– Yamaha will allocate up to $10,000 to support the grant(s) identified by winner(s).

– Winner(s) will be notified on/around mid-November and required to submit grant project by December 31, 2016.

– Yamaha will announce award winners and their respective grant projects in early 2017.

For more information about the Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative:


Van Holmes