Larysa Switlyk is First Female to Win Sportsman Channel’s Choice Award for ‘Shot of the Year’

Larysa Switlyk is First Female to Win Sportsman Channel’s Choice Award for ‘Shot of the Year’

The Sportsman Channel revealed its long awaited 2014 Sportsman Channel Choice Awards winners on January 21, 2015.  This year at the awards Larysa Switlyk host of Larysa Unleashed won ‘Shot Of The Year’ with her shot titled as “Fast Reflex Doe”. The episode aired in 2014 during Larysa Unleashed’s first season on the popular outdoor network.

The awards were voted on between November 10-30th by viewers of the Sportsman Channel.  This was the first time this award was presented to a female.  Not only getting recognition for females as hunters but more importantly achieving a goal she set for herself years ago before she dived into the outdoor industry.  Switlyk came from a family who criticized her when she found her passion for hunting seven years ago.  It wasn’t until she found the outdoor industry five years ago that gave her the encouragement to follow her dreams and start her own television show.   After attending an award show and watching others win awards for their television shows, it was that moment she pictured herself up on that stage accepting her own award in five years.

It has been a rollercoaster of a journey for Switlyk creating and self-producing her own outdoors show having to learn the business from scratch.

“I’m still in shock and shaking for winning Best Shot of the Year.  I was up against some amazing shows and I honestly thought it was a long shot for me to win, no pun intended.  I feel amazing because all my hard work is starting to pay off and take notice. Feeling really blessed and thankful.”  States Switlyk.

During Larysa Switlyk’s acceptance speech she first Thanked God for guiding her on her journey.  Then thanked her sponsors who gave her a chance and believed in her from day one because their support helped her to continue on her journey.  Next came her fans, everyone who voted, and all the other female hunters.  Switlyk ended her speech by dedicating the award to everyone that told her she couldn’t do it, and that told her no, because she just proved all those disbelievers wrong.

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