Kim Hicks Launches, a Website for the Well-Rounded Outdoorsman


e6577b7e-ae9b-41c2-8017-50dba90145d9Hi folks, I’m Kim Hicks. You may recognize me from the hunting show I hosted a few years back called Hunting 201. Or you may have heard about the shooting sticks I designed called BOG-PODs. Well, after selling that manufacturing company, I decided to take a break and finish my “honey-do” list … which was longer than the tax code!

During that break, I tried to keep up with the industry by watching outdoor shows, reading magazines, and visiting various websites, but my online efforts were very disappointing.

What I mean by that is, yes, I’m an avid hunter and a gun-and-gear nut for sure. But I am also a traveler, a guy who likes cool trucks, follows team sports, enjoys movies, and all kinds of other random things. The problem was the sheer number of sites I had to visit to find the things I enjoyed reading about. That’s when I decided to start

I could waste more of your time explaining what we’ve created, but instead – and because saving time was the main point – here’s a quick list* of what you’ll find on

  • Articles for new and seasoned hunters and shooters
  • Reviews of useful and cool new gear
  • Random articles about movies, trucks, and sports
  • Advice…if and when you want it
  • Interviews with influential industry folks and personalities
  • Outfitter information and harvest photos
      (*Includes original and linked content.)

I’ll conclude by simply saying please stop by and take a look around. If you like what you see, help us spread the word, and thanks for your time!

For more information, email