Joe Classen Releases “Awakenings in the Wild” e-Book – A Look at Nature’s Spiritual Connection With Man

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POMA media member Joseph Classen, announced the availability of his new e-book, “Awakenings in the Wild.” Classen addresses the relationship between human and nature and the dependence of man on the wild for rejuvenation and introspection.

Classen is an Alaskan writer and award-winning photographer whose book takes readers on an unforgettable adventure.

Experience a captivating, eye-opening account of the vital role that nature plays in nourishing the human being. Through both image and word, from the rugged wilderness of Kodiak Island, Alaska, to the Ozark Mountains of Missouri, “Awakenings in the Wild” takes the reader deep into the heart of both the natural world and the human soul.

Since the most ancient of times, nature has been the traditional setting for the discovery of truth, wisdom, self and God. It has forever been a dwelling in which one seeks healing, serenity and the path of love.

For countless generations the wilderness has been a universal university, where one receives an education like no other, where making positive choices become a matter of life and death and where one comes to realize the interconnectedness of all creation with the Creator.

The founders of the world’s religions, as well as great political leaders throughout the centuries, have all spent quality time immersed in the wilderness in order to develop a solid foundation of character and focus on their mission.

As Classen proclaims, those same opportunities for personal growth, and spiritual awakening await those who venture far-off the beaten path today.

Awakenings in the Wildis a collection of insightful essays and stunning photography that will inspire a soul-searching journey of one’s own, as well as educate and entertain anyone who possesses an appreciation of our world’s natural environment.

Order the book online or visit for more information.