JB’s Fish Sauce – Putting More and Bigger Fish in the Boat

JB’s Fish Sauce is scientifically formulated to increase catch rates by combining the freshest natural ingredients that mask repulsive human odors AND help induce a feeding response.

Minnetonka, MN, August 15, 2016–JB’s Fish Sauce is proud to introduce, after two years of growing market share, a line of fish attractants proving to be a major asset to any fisherman fishing for any species. Using straight forward science, JB’s uses scents palatable for fish and that are known to mask human odors that repel fish, and combines these with a massive amount of real crude fish oils that help induce a feeding response. The environmentally friendly, oil-based recipe sticks to the baits for long periods of time and leave a scent trail over rock, brush piles, and weeds.

“JB’s Fish Sauce was one of the major players for my success this year.” – Lance Baker, Walmart FLW Co Angler

JB’s Fish Sauce comes in 5 scents, with 4 different ways to apply making it a consumer’s favorite due to the variety. The five scents are anise, baitfish, coffee, crawfish, and garlic. JB’s has also added a saltwater scent called Menhaden. Any of these can be applied by using a 4oz mist, 2oz gel, 4oz paste, or lip balm style stick.

“I bought the garlic and baitfish scent and guys it works! Out-fished the other guys 3 to 1 in the same ice house, using the same jig and bait. They made me give them some!” – T Whelchel, Paynesville, MN

While the verdict is still out as to what degree, both scientists and professional anglers can fully agree that fish have a sense of smell and use it to aid in a number of major life functions including feeding. JB’s Fish Sauce is quickly gaining the confidence of fisherman across the country as it proves to help put more fish in the boat whether the target is walleye in Minnesota, flounder off the Jersey coast, to bass across the south, sailfish in the Pacific, or crappie in the Midwest.

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