Introducing The New Benjamin Marauder Field & Target Edition


0718f870-6b18-455b-8884-ebf6c9236582Introducing the newest addition to the Benjamin Marauder family: the Benjamin Marauder Field and Target Edition. The ultimate competition ready PCP air rifle is as much at home in the field as it is on the target bench.  The new Marauder Field and Target Edition improves the value to the industry leading  PCP air rifle with the inclusion of an air pressure regulator.  The Marauder Field and Target Edition air gun will be on display at SHOT Show booth 13940.
The Marauder Field and Target Edition features an adjustable, quick change regulator which allows users to simply turn a dial to choose between the target setting for maximum shot count and shot-to-shot consistency, or the field setting for maximum down range energy for hunting. The Marauder Field and Target Edition air rifle also features a barrel built through a proprietary, precision reaming process with twist rates optimized for each pellet caliber which increases overall accuracy.

“The new Marauder Field and Target Edition air rifle adds a new tier of value to the most popular PCP air rifle on the market,” says Senior Air Gun Product Manager, Jesse Caster. “By giving shooters options for different situations, no other PCP rifle on the market comes close to offering the level of performance and versatility at such an affordable price tag.”

The patent pending regulator design allows users to turn the regulator on to optimize shot-to-shot velocity and maximize shot count or turned off and maximize energy for hunting occasions.  Shooters can get up to 70 regulated shots with the .177 caliber gun and up to 50 regulated shots with the .22 caliber Marauder Field and Target Edition.  The Field and Target Edition air gun comes standard with an adjustable raised comb cheek piece, a 12 shot rotary magazine and holds a 3000 PSI reservoir.

Crosman’s roots began with a simple, yet powerful, credo of quality and innovation. From its inception, Crosman’s principal products have served the shooting sports, primarily air guns and air gun ammunition. Today, Crosman has a diversified product lineup that includes optics, archery and airsoft products, while continuing sustained growth in air guns.  For more information visit booth number 13940 at SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada January 17-20, 2017 or email Jason Reid at Follow Crosman on social media at Facebook-, Twitter @crosmancorp, or Instagram @crosmancorp.