HuntCrafted Shopping Guide – Handmade Duck & Goose Hunting Gear

Every year I get the same giddy feeling as we get closer and closer to duck season. Those of us crazy enough to get up at 2am and drive a few hours to that secret spot that you know is holding some quackers (or honkers!) understand how exciting that first bird dropping into the spread can be.

The other great thing about duck season being upon us is all the great gear. For us, for our spread, for our dogs, for our boats… the list goes on. In order to help with the task of finding the right call or gear for your next hunt we’ve put together a list of new items recently listed on HuntCrafted as well as some classics that can help you be the envy of your buddies in the blind.

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Shopping Guide – Handmade Duck & Goose Hunting Gear