How to Become an Outdoor Communicator Seminar at Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center, March 7, 2015

A one-day seminar, “How to Become an Outdoor Communicator” will be offered by Wm. Hovey Smith at the Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center near Mansfed, Georgia, on March 7, 2015. Discussed will be outdoor communicaton opportunities in newspapers, magazines, books, E-books, bogging, videos, TV, Social Media and personal appearances. The seminar is designed to be an overview of today’s changing  outdoor media markets where those who once found that they could be successful by only participating in a narrow part of the market must now expand their skills to include other approaches to maintain their incomes.

Students, beginning wrtiers and those who might want to take on a part tme occupaton or post-retirement activty will find this seminar to be particularly useful.

The costs of the seminar is $50 which includes an extensve workbook and wild-game meal. The event is limited to 25 participants.

A blog about the seminar and a video link may be see at: (now one entry back).