Gunner Kennels Awarded First 5 Star Crash Test Rating of its Kind

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Gunner Kennels Product Receives 5 Stars In Center For Pet Safety Certification Program

NASHVILLE, Tennessee – Gunner Kennels G1 Intermediate (with Strength-Rated Tie-Down Straps) has earned the industry’s first “5 Star Crash Test Rating” for a pet travel crate, according to the Center For Pet Safety (CPS) and its new certification program. As the only manufacturer of double-wall rotomolded pet crates, the company was awarded CPS’s highest distinction for its durable construction and dedication to safety.

The Center For Pet Safety is a 501(c)(3) research and consumer advocacy organization that dedicates its resources to animal protection, most recently by leading the first scientific approach for pet product safety measures through its Pet Travel Crate Crash Test Protocol and Rating System.

At time of release, Gunner Kennels G1™ Intermediate (with Strength-Rated Tie-Down Straps) was the only pet travel crate to earn the CPS award. Addison Edmonds, Gunner Kennels CEO and founder, said he designed the G1™ Intermediate in response to the market’s offering, and its lack of safe pet travel products.

The G1™ was built to be the safest, the strongest, and the easiest-to-use crate on the market, because my dog Gunner deserves nothing but the best – and I know that many other dedicated owners feel the same,” Edmonds said. “I started this company to give those consumers the option to feel confident when traveling with Man’s Best Friend.”

Gunner Kennels’ G1™ crates boast exclusive features that demonstrate it was engineered with safety as the top priority, including double-wall rotomolded construction, a lockable paddle-latch door that contains even the greatest escape artist, designated tie-down pins for anchoring, skid-resistant rubber feet, super-strong carry handles, a wider base to prevent rollover, all stainless-steel components, and more.

Gunner Kennels backs up its confidence in its G1™ by offering customers a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Carter Coleman of Austin, Texas, is one Gunner Kennels customer who can attest to the durability of Gunner Kennels G1™ Intermediate crate after his recent involvement in a vehicle accident.

“I was at a dead stop when a Jeep on 40-inch tires and a steel bumper rear-ended me. Gunner Kennels took the full force of my tailgate, and most likely prevented it from breaking out my back window,” Coleman said. “Just about everything in my truck bed was broken or damaged, but there’s not a scratch on the kennel. I can say without a doubt that a standard travel kennel would have shattered.”

“After this experience, I will recommend Gunner Kennels for life.“

Coleman said his dog was not in the kennel at time of accident, and that his Gunner Kennels was secured with strength-rated tie-down straps.

Launched in 2016, the CPS Pet Travel Crate Crash Test Protocol and Rating System outlines a consistent test methodology and evaluation protocol to ensure that crates and carriers offer crash protection. The certification program is a result of the 2015 Crate Crashworthiness Study conducted by Center for Pet Safety and sponsored by Subaru of America. CPS Certified is a voluntary testing program open to all pet product manufacturers to ensure an independent, impartial assessment of pet product crash protection. Additional information about the program may be found at

Gunner Kennels is a Tennessee-based company and leading manufacturer of pet travel crates. To learn more about Gunner Kennels and its products, go to or call 1-844-486-6375.


About Gunner Kennels®

Gunner Kennels® is a leading manufacturer of dog crates, and works to challenge industry standards with its innovative line of pet products. The company’s inaugural product – the G1™ patented kennel – has done just that by offering the market’s only double-walled rotomolded kennel, and earning the distinction as The Center For Pet Safety’s first “5 Star Crash Test Rating” for a pet travel crate. Engineered for your dog and built for your peace of mind, the American Made product is designed with safety in mind at every inch, helping safeguard against human error and seasonal elements. Gunner Kennels backs up its confidence by offering a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on each G1™ kennel. For more information about the company and its products, go to