Get More Bang For Your Buck: 10 Buck Hunting Knives Under $100

When buying a knife, you should be receiving a lifetime of use and protection against wear and tear—A promise of reliability. The knife should be a legacy, passing through generations like the fast forward of your dad’s cassette tape. It’s rare to spot the words “Made in the USA,” and when you do, it’s as if you’ve struck a diamond in the rough. Our hunting knives serve a variety of purposes and should be recognized for each of their unique individualities. We’ve laid out 10 Buck hunting knives under $100, so you can be sure when choosing your forever knife.

  • 110 Folding Hunter – MSRP: $82
    The 110 set the standard for folding lock blade knives and is now a traditional favorite holding high esteem among our long time customers. It served as a sturdy hunting knife and removed the need for long fixed-blade knives. The Folding Hunter has a classic, yet refined charm; it continues to be our go-to knife for avid hunters.
  • 112 Ranger – MSRP: $77
    Slightly smaller than the famous 110 Folding Hunter, the 112 Ranger is among one of Buck’s top selling knives, featuring a durable 420HC steel that combines for superior corrosion resistance and wear resistance. It is a must have staple for any outdoorsman
  • 119 Special – MSRP: $96
    Celebrating its 75th anniversary, this fixed-blade knife is a look into generations past. The 119 Special can be traced back to the first ever knife made by Hoyt Buck. Its evolution is weaved into the story of how Buck Knives became to be. The clip point on this blade is prime for detailed work and cutting in tight spaces.
  • 141 PakLite Skinner – $30
    The PakLite® Skinner is ideal for meeting a hunter’s most difficult field dressing demands, anywhere from skinning to cutting joints. The larger design and re-curved skinner style allows a hunter to perform any task with confidence. The finger grip cutouts offer ultimate control, while the minimalist design is great for packing into the field when light weight counts.
  • 398 Folding Omni Hunter – MSRP: $72
    The Folding Omni Hunters are part of the Omni Series of hunting knives that place an emphasis on ergonomics and durability. Their handsome styling is contemporary but still practical to traditional hunters. The gently sloping drop point blade is designed for use with any game, and Buck’s patented ZipperTM gut hook (Omni Hunter 12PT) is designed for quick and confident field dressing.
  • 279 Folding Alpha Hunter – MSRP: $95
    The perfect balance of weight and design give the 279 Folding Alpha Hunter the smoothest one-handed, manual action on the market. The rubber handle helps maintain grip in all situations. Nearly a classic, the Alpha Hunter has been a long running favorite.
  • 285 Bantam BLW – MSRP: $29
    The 285 Bantam BLW is sleek and lightweight with a design that meets any personality and priced to meet every wallet size. With the wide sloping edge, the 285 Bantam is perfect for outdoor tasks. The lockback design makes this knife easy and safe to use in the woods or for daily tasks.
  • 113 Ranger – MSRP: $77
    Once a limited edition knife, the 113 Ranger is a fixed blade knife designed to get any job done in the field. The classic look, ergonomic handle, and ease-of-use design fills the need for a sturdy knife with a versatile skinning blade.
  • 102 Woodsman – MSRP: $77
    A classic hunting knife designed with a fine point perfect for fish and small game. The 102 Woodsman features a full tang construction, a finger guard integrated into the blade, thumb grip ridges, and a deep choil. This knife is one of the best options for the serious hunter that values quality knives.
  • 141 PakLite Field Master Kit – MSRP: $75
    When weight counts- pack light, cut easy. The 141 PakLite Field Master kit is a perfect combination for all your hunting needs. Each knife in this set is of a minimalist design, but is surgically efficient. Features a 141 PakLite Skinner, the 135 PakLite Caper and the 499 PakLite Guthook.

A Buck knife is a mechanical piece of art, handcrafted to withstand tough hide, abrasive storms, and the grain of wood. A Forever Warranty promise, USA made quality, and an affordable price are the trifecta of the Buck Knives name.

About Buck Knives:
Behind every Buck knife is over 100 years of experience and craftsmanship. The very best materials and state-of-the-art technology are used to create knives that meet the exacting demands expected of a high quality knife. Buck stands behind every knife made with their famous Forever Warranty.
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