July 4, 2016

Gateway Outdoors Radio


Pymatuning Lake situated on the Ohio/PA boarder in northwestern and northeastern Ohio. The lake boasts 16,000 acres of water and superb habitat for crappie along with other species of fish.


With summer weather warming the lake water temperatures has been rising and crappies in particular have shifted their patterns.


This week’s program was recorded while fishing with Pro angler “Hooker” who was a professional bass angler who has become a professional crappie guide. The program is packed with lots of how-to information that can help you catch more crappies regardless of where you fish. Not to mention the value of fishing with a guide who is willing to share his knowledge of Pymatuning Lake.


The program airs on Monday, July 4th, 2016. Gateway Outdoors is heard every Monday at 6 PM on Connect FM 96.7 and 107.9 FM, live streamed on the Internet, and archived at


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