June 13th, 2016 – Pennsylvania’s Susquehannock State Forest provides over 265,000 acres of public access to one of the Commonwealth’s largest State Forests.

Situated within the Commonwealth’s’ Pennsylvania Wilds Region visitors have access to countless miles of hiking trails, natural areas, vistas and views.  Dotted across this State Forest are a number of State Parks that provide camping, and a number of additional outdoor opportunities.

This week we visit with Forest District Manager Chris Nicholas and Management Forester Troy Stinmaker and discuss how this unique forest resource is being managed. We also provide how to and where to access information for those who want to visit the Susquehannock.

The program airs on Monday, June 13h, 2016. Gateway Outdoors is heard every Monday at 6 PM on Connect FM 96.7 and 107.9 FM, live streamed on the Internet, and archived at

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