First Person Defender Season 3: Medical Clinic Robbery


FirstPersonDefenderOn this episode of First Person Defender, a young nurse is confronted by a dangerous individual, desperate for drugs. She’ll have to do what it takes to get out alive.

With no prior training other than a recently acquired concealed carry permit, our good guy has a lot to learn. Watch as she works with trainer Wes Doss on key techniques including keeping a distance, focusing on movement, and using barriers.

First Person Defender is a web television series from GunTalk Media that puts regular people with varying degrees of firearm knowledge into force-on-force self-defense scenarios using Simunition conversion kits and FX Marking Cartridges. First Person Defender gives viewers a unique first-person look at what it’s like to defend your life or the lives of your loved ones.

Watch Season 3 here:

The entire series of First Person Defender is available for free on Gun Talk’s YouTube channel (, and also on the Gun Talk Media channel on Roku (, Amazon Fire TV (, and Apple TV (