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The voting is neck and neck, as five brave men vie for the title of Mr. POMA Prois 2012. Voting closes Aug. 30! But — brace yourselves — for what you will see! For decades, women of the outdoors have grudgingly settled for hunting clothes that just don’t fit. Now it’s the men’s turn. Vote for Mr. POMA Prois 2012. Which POMA conference attendee best wear’s the fabulous Próis ladies hunting apparel?

Aug. 28 Update — Voting is Neck and Neck — Vote Now, Vote Often

For decades, women of the outdoors have grudgingly settled for clothes that just don’t fit. They have been forced to wiggle and squeeze themselves into ill-fitting children’s apparel, or men’s camo. The tables have been turned. At the 2012 POMA conference, the first annual “Mr. POMA Próis” competition was held! Men of every shape and size were challenged to experience, for just a brief moment in time, the discomfort of fitting into clothes made for another body type stinks. Vote for Mr. POMA Próis 2012.

Gals don’t like wearing men’s clothes any more than guys like wearing gals’ clothes! The Mr. POMA Prois 2012 competition was a great opportunity to share some laughs, and to also appreciate the importance of functional clothing that fits correctly. The anatomical differences between male and female simply demand technical clothing that is cut to fit. Próis representative Joni Viles met the boys in the middle by wearing oversized and ill-fitting men’s clothing while they took the plunge to try on some Próis.

From the 13 Mr. POMA Próis 2012 Pageant contestants, Prois selected five finalists. See them below.

Voting CLOSED.


Finalists – Mr. POMA Próis 2012

POMA and Prois applaud the contestants who had the guts to try on the ladies clothing and model it.


Finalist: Harry Guyer



Finalist: Roy Hill


And the Winner is Roy Hill

Finalist: Brett Miller



Finalist: Kevin Reese



Finalist: Ryan Repp



Mr. POMA Prois  2012

Mr. Roy Hill


All contestants
Contestant: Frank Fuentes
Contestant: Frank Devlin
JJ Schroeder
Prois rep Joni with contestant Josh Wolfe.
Contestant: Steve Schifner
Contestant: Rob Simbeck
Contestants: (L) Mitch Strobl (R) Roger Patton
Contestant: Tom Tatum


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