Chance to Win a SIG Pistol, Optic, or Ammo – This Week on Tom Gresham’s Gun TalkR

Gun Talk in Las Vegas getting ready for SHOT Show 2018, and the crew heads to the range for one of Sig Sauer’s range days this Sunday. Hear from competitive shooting champions Max Michel (, and Lena Miculek (, Sig Sauer Academy’s Kyle Lamb and Jimmy Meyers (, and SIG Optic’s Andy York. Listeners are encouraged to call in to 866-Talk-Gun with questions, comments, and range reports for a chance to win either the SIG pistol, optic or case of ammo!

Also on the show this Sunday, Tom Taylor and Rick Cicero speaking about HAVA – Honored American Veterans Afield (, and National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Steve Sanetti ( Plus, SIG’s Phil Strader and Recoil Magazine’s Iain Harrison join in for the Gun Talk After-Show!

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