Bryce Towsley Now Blogging for

Award-winning media member Bryce Towsley is now blogging for Towsley is a POMA founding board member, has nearly 50 years of hunting experience, and is a gun buff who has enjoyed a long-standing career in the firearms industry.

With almost 50 years of hunting experience across four continents, Bryce Towsley is a self-described, “gun buff,” who has made an award-winning career as a writer and photographer in the firearms industry. He served as editor for popular NRA publications, American Rifleman, American Hunter and Shooting Illustrated magazines and has numerous published novels and books under his holster.

Lifetime member of the NRA, the U.S. Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) and competitive 3-gun shooter, Towsley is joining the ranks of contributing weekly installments for their new blog launching in the beginning of May. is honored to host a tactical-focused industry-related blog through the lens of a celebrated brother in arms like Bryce Towsley.

His expertise and unabashed point of view marks Towsley as a critical voice in the industry.

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