Bookhout Joins the Conservation Hawks Board of Directors

Conservation Hawks, the leading organization dedicated to engaging sportsmen on the threats of climate change, is thrilled to announce the addition of Sue Bookhout, Tony Dolle and Tim Zink to its Board of Directors.

“Our mission is to defend our sporting heritage and pass on a healthy natural world to future generations of Americans,” stated Conservation Hawks founder and president, Todd Tanner. “I’m really excited to see our team grow. Each new board member brings years of experience to the organization. And like all of our board members, all three are passionate outdoorsmen and women who are dedicated to the preserving traditional outdoor sports.”

“This isn’t about politics. It’s not about Democrats vs. Republicans, or left vs. right, or liberal vs. conservative. It’s not about the Tea Party, or Al Gore, or Sarah Palin. It’s not even about Barack Obama,” said Tanner. “It’s about my kids, and yours, and whether we’re going to do the right thing– even if it’s difficult.”

“There has never been a more important time for Americans to stand up for the things we treasure, because climate change can take them away from us forever,” said Tim Zink. “That’s why a group like Conservation Hawks is not only relevant, but essential.”

Prior to launching her outdoor communications and WordPress development business, Sue Bookhout was the Director of Operations at the Aspen Global Change Institute. She is co-editor and co-author of the EPA award winning report, Climate Change in Aspen: An Assessment of Impacts and Potential Responses. Sue holds a Natural Resources degree from Cornell University.

Tim Zink advises the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on communications strategies in cases of oil spills and toxic releases into our oceans. He also has directed communications for the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation and Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, and managed national media for Trout Unlimited. A halfway decent fly fisherman, Zink holds a B.A. in Journalism from Washington & Lee University.

Tony Dolle has been writing about and working in the outdoor, entertainment and manufacturing industries for the past 35 years as a journalist, marketing, public and media relations professional. He’s been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for his work as a news reporter, has been president of several outdoor media organizations and has worked tirelessly to promote the conservation of the nation’s natural resources since his days as a student at the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism.


About Conservation Hawks:
Founded in 2011, Conservation Hawks is a 501c3 based in Bigfork, MT. Its purpose is to pass on a healthy natural world to the next generation of sportsmen, to defend the sporting heritage and traditions, and to educate hunters and anglers on the challenges and threats we face. Consevation Hawks accomplishes these goals through research, education, training, advocacy and public outreach.