AVIAN-X: Designed for Drama


JakeThe pecking order impacts every facet of wild turkey behavior – especially once the winter flocks start to break up prior to the breeding season. Young male birds that have enjoyed social acceptance throughout their first few months of life find that things change quickly once early spring arrives. Everyone seems to go their separate ways and become much less tolerant; new feelings of urgency are developing inside. It all must seem terribly confusing to a jake.

Indeed, the spring breeding season ushers in an all-new set of rules for turkeys. Some young, sub-dominant males figure things out quickly and resort to a safety-in-numbers approach, forming small gangs of marauding bullies. Others don’t know any better. They foolishly decide that they can compete one-on-one with the big boys for hens. It’s a tragic story that doesn’t typically bode well for such intrepid jakes.

These social storylines are more than just interesting to watch. A savvy turkey hunter uses all of this drama to his or her advantage, employing specific calling and decoying strategies that up their odds of putting a crafty old tom on the ground. Decoys that tell a compelling story – either individually or when placed in combination – are powerful tools for today’s turkey hunter, and nobody makes more effective turkey decoys than Avian-X.

Once his threatening and unacceptable body posture captures the attention and ire of an approaching gobbler, the full glory of the ½ Strut Jake’s astounding detail takes over and commands full attention. Trademark Avian-X coloration and paint detail appear incredibly true and lifelike, while deep relief showcases the painstaking subtleties of every carefully crafted feather and crease on the ½ Strut Jake’s convincing, Dura-Rubber molded body.

AVIAN-X LCD ½ Strut Jake

  • Soft and Quiet Dura-Rubber Body is Completely Collapsible
  • Half Strut Body Pose and Sub-Dominant Head Position Challenges the Dominance of Mature Toms
  • Attracts All Gobblers
  • Perfect Feather Detail
  • No-Flake Paint
  • Drawstring Carry Bag Included

Model / SKU: 8012

UPC: 810280-08012-4

MSRP: $119.99

Meticulous attention to detail goes into the design and manufacturing of every Avian-X LCD turkey decoy, and the all-new ½ Strut Jake is an exciting and powerful example. His carefully conceived body posture and head position, wing and tail placement, and the spread, positioning and detail of each individual feather combine to attract all gobblers by challenging their dominance. Not only is he unwelcome, he’s also unsure of himself. What a pity. Combine the ½ Strut Jake with your favorite Avian-X LCD hens, and watch tragedy unfold in your decoys.