Alaskan Guide Service Offers Photography and Fishing Adventures on Kodiak Island

Spending time in the Alaskan wilderness of Kodiak Island is an experience like no other! The adventure of exploring a place of incredible beauty, the relaxation and peace that nature provides, the stress relief of enjoying a favorite outdoor activity, and the opportunity to share it all with family and friends is a recipe for creating unforgettable memories.     

Wild Revelation Guide Service LLC helps photography and fishing enthusiasts of all skill levels make the most of their valuable time while visiting Kodiak Island. We provide a variety of services which can be tailored to meet the specific interests of our clients in a safe, efficient, and professional manner. We specialize in guiding small groups on both the Kodiak Island road system and to remote, fly-out locations.

Hiring a guide for your Kodiak Island adventure cuts through the concern and confusion that both professional and recreational visitors often have and ensures the most efficient, worry-free use of your time and money. A Wild Revelation guide is happy to offer professional instruction and share a vast amount of knowledge about the island, which helps get you right to what you came to do and enjoy!

Visit our new website today to learn more, check out some great videos and photography, and start planning the Alaskan adventure of a lifetime!