Free Entry Deadline Coming Fast for 2018 POMA Pinnacle Award Submission

The free entry deadline for the 2018 POMA Pinnacle Awards is fast approaching. Don’t put it off – make sure you get your entries in by January 8, 2018 to avoid paying a per entry fee!

That time of year is here again – fall hunting, crisp air, and the submission period for the 2018 POMA Pinnacle Awards, sponsored by Mossy Oak.

You’ve already created and been paid for some great content during the past year. Now it’s time for the content you created between November 1, 2016 and October 31, 2017 to give you a chance at some extra money.

Pull together your best articles, books, broadcasts, photos, etc., and get them ready to submit. You can mail submissions, or use our simple electronic submission option.

Entries will be accepted for free until January 8, 2018 – but don’t put it off. Entries after January 8 require a $5.00 per submission fee.

The winning entry in each eligible category gets a cash prize of $800. Enter in multiple categories, and you have a chance to make the payoff even bigger. It’s easier than ever to make a little bit of your time worthwhile.

Along with the cash prize, an impressive Telluride Slate award will be a reminder of your accomplishment for years to come.

Six categories are available, and you can enter up to two pieces per category.

1.  Newspaper/Internet Article
2.  Magazine Article
3.  Book (including e-books)
4.  Broadcasting (audio and/or video)
5.  Art and Imagery (painting, illustration, photography and graphics)

6. **Wildlife Conservation and Management (**work in any medium is acceptable, but wildlife conservation and management must be the primary subject.)

See Pinnacle Award rules and entry form for complete details. We look forward to seeing your submissions.

POMA’s Pinnacle Awards are made possible by Mossy Oak, the program’s presenting partner. Mossy Oak has supported the awards since their inception. Like POMA, Mossy Oak supports excellence in communications at all levels. Awards are presented at POMA’s Annual Business Conference.