Shane Mahoney is widely recognized wildlife biologist, conservationist and thought leader.

Shane Mahoney is widely recognized wildlife biologist, conservationist and thought leader. He works on the behalf of wildlife and biodiversity, is a vocal proponent of sustainable use as a conservation practice, and a strong believer in the benefits of communication, both conservations science and hunting, to the general public. He is currently the founder and CEO of Conservations Visions Inc., a private company and global wildlife initiative. The company has recently announced the launch of the Wild Harvest Initiative, a multi-year project that will measure and analyze the biomass of wild animal protein harvested each year by citizens in the U.S. and Canada. He is currently in the process of co-editing a multi-author volume that will become the first textbook to examine the North American Wildlife Conservation Model to be released in 2016.


David Farbman is a lifelong outdoorsman and hunter, CEO of HealthRise Solutions, founder and chairman of Carbon Media Group, New York Times® best-selling author  David Farbman has spent his career hunting success in commercial real estate, online media and healthcare. David uses the skills learned through a lifetime of hunting to track down targets in the fields, business and life. His book, The Hunt: Target, Track and Attain Your Goals, is a field guide for anyone looking to increase the success of their hunt. There are five key elements to The Hunt: Consciousness, Authenticity, Leverage, Real Time Execution and Flow. David’s ability to find calm in the fray and see the pivots in his path give him the unique vision to help others on their hunt.

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Congressman Ryan Zinke serves the people of Montana as their sole representative in the United States House. He is the first Navy SEAL elected to the House and currently serves on the House Armed Services Committee and the House Committee on Natural Resources. A fifth-generation Montanan, former state senator and a 23-year U.S. Navy SEAL veteran, is a Constitutional conservative who believes in the vision the forefathers laid out which separates powers between the three branches and ensures the sovereignty of the states. Ryan swore an oath to defend the Constitution and bases his decisions on upholding the Constitution and doing what is right for Montana and America. He retired from active duty in 2008. That same year, he was elected to the Montana State Senate where he chaired the Senate Education Committee and served on the Senate Finance and Claims Committee. He was a leading advocate for strong family values, restoring individual and economic freedoms, energy independence and helping veterans receive proper care. Ryan attended the University of Oregon on an athletic scholarship and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in geology. He also holds a master’s in business finance and a master’s in global leadership from the University of San Diego.

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Ashlee Lundvall’s message to everyone is to “live to the fullest.” After all, that is exactly what she has been doing since a ranching accident in 1999 introduced a wheelchair to her life. Since then, she has been redefining her life and becoming a champion for change in the many organizations she works with by spreading her message of adaptability and perseverance. Her passion for the outdoors grew when her and her husband, Russ, moved to the mountainous region of Wyoming in 2007. A year later, Ashlee helped found Wyoming Disabled Hunters. She is passionate about mentoring newly injured patients and loves to pass on her love for adapted outdoor recreation. She wishes to “bridge the gap between the outdoor industry and the disability community.” Her many accomplishments include being an Able Outdoors Magazine contributor, a Take Action Mobility consultant, the Spinal Cord Injury Support Group Facilitator in Cody, Wyoming, author of A Redefined Life and Ms. Wheelchair USA in 2013. In her free time, she can be found camping, kayaking, hunting, fly fishing or hand cycling.

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Hannah Stonehouse Hudson is a photographer, speaker and consultant based on the south shore of Lake Superior. She recognizes that life is short and encourages people to not get distracted by the negativity. Her specialty is helping people and organizations keep things positive online. “People are all connected, and it is up to us to create a better world,” she said. “My seminars can help teach your group how to navigate the online world as a powerful and positive ambassador to your organization.” As a TEDx speaker and photographer who has been through numerous viral moments, both personal and professional, Hannah is uniquely suited to help people navigate viral chaos.

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Tim Noland, content marketing director at Callis Integrated Marketing, is a lifelong hunter and outdoorsman. He leads the content development team at Callis in building written and visual content that educates, entertains, motivates, and inspires to drive website traffic, build credibility, and grow sales. Tim has a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Central Missouri. Callis is an integrated marketing agency that understands people who love and work the land and play outdoors better than anyone.



Lacy Harrison, an account executive at Callis, is an avid bow hunter and shooter. She works with agency clients to develop and execute integrated marketing and media programs, with an emphasis on public relations and social media. Lacy has a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Central Missouri and currently works with several agency account teams. Callis uses real life experience and integrated marketing to help outdoor, agriculture and rural lifestyle clients build their brands and their businesses.

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Dawn Jackson is the Group Sales Manager of the Kalispell Convention & Visitor Bureau. She is responsible for selling, building and supporting meeting, convention and group business in Kalispell. With over 16 years of hospitality experience in hotel sales, she has a broad understanding of group expectations and how important their business is to area tourism. 

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Ron Spomer began freelance writing/photography in 1976. He work has been published in hundreds of magazines, books, newspapers, brochures, calendars and ad campaigns. A South Dakota native now living in Idaho, Spomer is Senior Editor at Sporting Classics, Travel Columnist at Sports Afield, Field Editor at American Hunter. He writes for numerous on-line websites, magazines and blogs including his own at His YouTube channel has garnered over 4 million views of his adventure, instructional and educational videos on everything from natural history to guns. Spomer’s career has taken him to six continents. He has hosted several TV shows since 2005 and is currently host of Winchester World of Whitetail on Outdoor Channel. Despite his age and Luddite tendencies, the old veteran is even active on many social media platforms.



Randy Newberg has spent the last eight years hosting his popular hunting TV shows, On Your Own Adventures and his current show, Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg; both focused on self-guided public land hunting in the Western United States.  Randy’s podcast, Hunt Talk Radio – Randy Newberg Unfiltered is a companion to his wildly (pun intended) popular web forum, Wild lands and wild animals are what drives Randy in his advocacy for hunters in America.  His platforms are designed to show average hunters the remarkable experiences that are available for the price of a tag, the gas to get there, and the exercise invested.  Whether it be bugling elk or speeding pronghorn, rifle or bow, Randy will travel the far corners of the hinterlands in search of food and adventure. Randy lives in Bozeman, Montana with his wife, Kim, where he volunteers for many national and regional hunting-conservation groups, serving as a Board Member and fundraiser.   When not hunting, Randy and Kim spend the summer traveling the high plains in search of western walleyes.


Tony Bynum‘s unique wildlife, hunting, and outdoor photographs have been featured on the covers of many major traditional sporting magazines, including: Sports Afield, Field and Stream, Outdoor Life, Wyoming Wildlife, and Montana Magazine. He is the Photo Editor for Western Hunter and Elk Hunter Magazine, and writes a photography column for Western Hunter Magazine. His impressive body of work can be seen at Tony Bynum Photography.






Fredy Riehl is 27 year veteran of corporate communications, public and media relations, as well as successful digital publisher. He’s the Founder and Editor In Chief of AmmoLand Shooting Sports News. NRA Life Member, Ring Of Freedom Member, Advocate & Adviser for NRA Board members. As well as recipient or the Second Amendment Foundation’s 2012 “Defender Of Liberty Award“. Not to mention, a rabid promoter of all positive pro-gun news and pain in the ass of “anti’s” everywhere.




Tom Gresham began appearing on outdoor television 20 years ago, as co-host of “Shooting Sports America,” the first shooting show to be aired on ESPN. He has hosted, created, produced and directed series on ESPN, ESPN2, OLN/Versus, Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, Pursuit, and Fox Sports. As creator, director and host of Personal Defense TV, he was the first to put a self-defense show on television, breaking ground and setting the stage for showing defensive gun use to the public. His nationally-syndicated radio talk show, “Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk ”, is the only national radio show about guns and has one of the largest audiences of any outdoor medium — print or broadcast.

Ryan Gresham has grown up hunting and shooting. He helped create, shoot and host the online video website, Gun Talk TV , featuring hundreds of how-to videos on guns, shooting and hunting.







Primer 180 – Bill Miller, Sarah Donnell, Nick Grzechowiak

Bill Miller is Executive Editor at Primer 180 – a role he’s been destined to play since deciding to be an outdoor writer at age 11 … a long time ago. He ensures authenticity in the work delivered to Primer 180’s clients and provides guidance and insights on key strategic initiatives. He’s a subject matter expert on hunting, shooting, fishing and the outdoor experience in general. This comes from Bill’s lifelong personal participation in all kinds of outdoor pursuits as well as more than 30 years as a hunting and shooting sports writer, editor, video producer, television host, and media executive.

Sarah Donnell is President of Primer 180 – where she leads a team of creative-types, social media gurus, tech geeks, web developers, account managers, strategic planners, writers, and editors in turning out sophisticated and absolutely authentic campaigns and content for some of the largest companies in the outdoors industry. Clients include National Rifle Association,, Bass Pro Shops, Zippo, Berkley, and more. Before leading Primer 180, Sarah ran her own agency called Amp My Brand specializing in enthusiast industry marketing. She hunts turkeys; shoots trap, skeet, sporting clays, and SASS, and is an avid equestrian and sail boater.

Nick Grzechowiak is V.P. of Digital Strategy at Primer 180 – and specializes in the development of successful digital media ecosystems and comprehensive digital brand strategies. In the outdoor industry, Nick’s work ranges from successfully launching new firearms platforms to content-targeting pure, refined angling audiences. From conception to a massive social media presence approaching a million fans, Nick is driving force behind the creation of 50 Campfires – the only media platform successfully reaching America’s car campers. He is a highly-sought thought leader with extensive connections in the digital marketing and technology worlds. Nick’s an adult-onset hunter who enjoys deer, turkey, and hog hunting, and introducing his young family to all the joys of the great outdoors.


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Bill Miller
Sarah Donnell
Nick Grzechowiak


Paige Darden has been working at MyTopo since 1999, and through that nearly two decades has had a first row seat to a technological wave that has seen many changes to cartography, but most importantly has made it easy for anyone to become a skilled navigator. She’ll share that expertise in a fun and interactive presentation at POMA turning each participant into a competent back country navigator.

Before joining MyTopo, Paige spent 10 years navigating Capitol Hill and the political scene in our nation’s Capitol topping her DC career as the public affairs director for the telecommunication division of the US Department of Commerce.

Paige and her husband have two high school students and live an active outdoor lifestyle in their home in Billings, Montana.


James Swan, Ph.D is the Co-Executive Producer of  “Wild Justice” on the Nat. Geo. Channel; CEO of Snow Goose Productions, LLC; and the author of 10 non-fiction books including “In Defense of Hunting” and “The Sacred Art of Hunting,” and one novel, that have sold over 250,000 copies. His latest book, co-authored with Lt. John Nores, “WAR IN THE WOODS: Combating the Marijuana Cartels On Our Public Lands,” has been optioned for a feature film. “Wild Justice” on the National Geographic Channel which is inspired by the Snow Goose Productions documentary “Endangered Species: CA Fish and Game Wardens’” holds the record for docu-reality series premieres on Nat. Geo. with 3.2 million viewers. A recent film project, “The Sport of Kings: Falconer” – which James co-wrote with Eddie Brochin – has won awards in seven international film festivals, including “Best Documentary” in four festivals. As a film and TV actor, James has appeared in 20 feature films including “Murder In The First”; three dramatic scripted TV series – “Midnight Caller,” “Jesse Hawkes” and “Nash Bridges”; and over 30 commercials, industrials and print ads. He served as a member of the Screen Actors Guild Executive Council for N. California from 2006-2010.


  • Pam Swanner

    Tourism marketing professional serving in a management position for more than 25 years. Directing a new, regional marketing organization which utilizes the outdoor recreation (hunting/fishing and non-consumptive) in a 23 county region of Alabama as an economic development tool. Have received numerous state and regional awards and recognition.

  • Andy Lightbody

    Owns Rocky Mountain Television Network which airs 24-7 throughout Central Colorado. All original programming related to hunting, fishing, camping, mountain biking, river rafting, outdoor cooking, photography and conservation

  • Nate Simmons

    I have worked full-time in the hunting industry for the last 10 years, of which the last 5 I have been producing a TV show on the Sportsmans Channel called The Western Hunter, which has won multiple awards. During this time I have also been the Backcountry Editor for The Western Hunter Magazine, and have had several articles published.

  • Ashlee Lundvall

    Ashlee is an author, speaker, and disability consultant with a passion for adaptive outdoor recreation.

  • Andrew Chamberlain

    The Cartridge Comparison Guide illustrates the optimum performance capabilities of any factory available Rifle of Handgun cartridge. The 7 Data Tables compares every cartridge based on any of their major performance criteria . 14 discussion sections illustrate proper cartridge selection, bullet construction, expansion, wound channel, ballistics...

  • August Peters

    I have been filming and editing TV shows for the past 6 years. I have worked for "Trophy Quest" (Outdoor Channel), "Larysa Unleashed" (NBC Sports), "Beyond the Battlefield" (NBC Sports), "Trophy Hunters TV" (Outdoor Channel). I have shot and edited numerous promos and commercials for a variety of companies. Currently I am freelancing my services.

  • Autumn Bernhard

    I am an aspiring journalist who wishes to combine her passions of travel, outdoors, photography and writing into one job. I am currently enrolled at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas.

  • Anne Marlowe

    My articles over the last 15 years have been about taxidermy, field care, decorating with taxidermy, hunting, women, legislation and many product reviews. Author-Canon City I have a large network of political, outdoor and writing contacts.

  • Tony Martins

    Small business owner, consultant & lecturer, Labrador retriever breeder, freelance outdoors writer, field editor Universal Hunter magazine, content writer Former pharmaceutical industry sales manager, consultant, tech writer & publisher. Former milking barn sanitation engineer & grunt, family owned Arrowhead Dairy Farm.

  • Brandon Butler

    Brandon Butler is the Executive Director of the Conservation Federation of Missouri. He is the editor of Missouri Wildlife magazine. His syndicated column, Driftwood Outdoors, appears in 15 Missouri and Indiana newspapers and numerous regional magazines. Brandon also freelances articles to magazines and is a frequent seminar speaker.

  • Bob Clark

    Freelance writer; life member POWA; Past President - POWA 1982-83; Member OWAA (1976 - current); Retired Executive Director - The Pennsylvania Forestry Association.

  • Brad Fenson

    Freelance writer/photographer - waterfowl, big game, upland, shooting, fishing. Available for assignment.

  • Bob Frye

    I work full time as the outdoors editor of the Tribune-Review newspaper and, both based near Pittsburgh. I am a 25-year veteran of the newspaper business and have written for regional and national magazines, along with having written six books, ranging from deer management to guidebooks.

  • Gil Horman

    B. Gil Horman is a professional writer with a degree in Technical Communications. He is currently developing freelance product reviews, technical web content, and print articles for clients including NRA e-Media & Publications, InterMedia Outdoors, Harris Publications, and Gun Digest Magazine.

  • Brian Grossman

    For most of my career, I have worked in the field of wildlife management for various state, private and non-profit organizations. During that time, however,I was also a freelance writer, photographer, videographer and web designer. I recently too a position as the Communications Manager for the QDMA, managing their website and social media content.

  • Bill Vaznis

    Bill is a full-time outdoor writer/photographer whose works have appeared in every major outdoor magazine in North America. He is a former archery columnist for Bowhunting World & Whitetail Strategies and now edits several online magazines.

  • Billy Kinder

    ON AIR Radio Announcer since he was 13 years old. Most recent run, ON AIR as the afternoon drive voice for 96.3 KSCS in the Dallas/Ft Worth Market for 20 years. CMA voted top 5 country music jocks. Started Kinder Productions, Inc.-Big Billy Kinder Outdoors in 2009. Ranking #1 consistently, Syndicated nationally in July 2013. Now near 90 stations

  • Brian Johnson

    Brian Johnson is the co founder and CEO of As an experienced digital inbound marketer I specialize in organic search campaigns coupling keyword research with targeted content development. I work on the daily operations of Ammoland while driving new marketing initiatives through social media and strategic publishing.

  • Bryant Johnson

    10 years in interpreting marketing strategy for digital platforms. Develops and implements tactics. Understands user experience. Handgun and rifle range shooter, NRA member.

  • Margaret Anderson

    Former Fishing Editor of Arizona Hunter and Angler Currently freelance for several online publications currently Outdoors Editor for Arizona Boating and Watersports/Western Outdoor Times

  • Bill Marchel

    Full-time freelance photographer and writer. Freelance credits include most hook and bullet and nature publications.

  • Bill Miller

    Executive Editor, Primer 180 Agency. Freelance writer and television producer. Book author.

  • Bob Frye

    I work full time as the outdoors editor of the Tribune-Review newspaper, a 200,000-plus circulation daily based in Pittsburgh. I am a 25-year veteran of the newspaper business and have written for regional and national magazines, along with having written six books, ranging from deer management to guidebooks.

  • Bob Redfern

    Bob enjoys bringing the outdoors and the best it has to offer to over 500,000 Nielson Rated viewers each week - 52 weeks of the year featuring Fishing and Hunting destinations with real life people around the country. The program highlights guides, outfitters and products on the front lines of the outdoor world in every corner of the US.

  • Bruce Ingram

    Bruce Ingram has sold nearly 2,300 articles and over 2,500 photos to magazines. Bruce has written books on the James, New, Potomac, Shenandoah and Rappahannock rivers and FLY AND SPIN FISHING FOR RIVER SMALLMOUTHS. His latest book is LIVING THE LOCAVORE LIFESTYLE. Ingram is a staff writer for Whitetail Times and cooking columnist for WHITETAIL TIMES and, and Outdoor America field editor

  • Bob Shell

    Currently writing & submitting articles for Shotgun News. Written 2 books and working on third. I am a regular contributor to Guns Australia, Canadian Firearms Journal and various websites including and hunt and I also write for New Zealand Guns Magazine. I am the historian for the Rio Salado Sportsmans Club

  • Michael Walker

    I've been a musician for 30 years. Very familiar with sound production so video production was an easy transition. I produce and host a TV show called Livin' Free Outdoors. I'm a member of BMI (the music organization) and I'm on the board of directors for the American Mining Rights Association.

  • Troy Frady

    I am a professional saltwater angler and charter fishing guide in Orange Beach, Al. I promote conservation and have been recognized as the "next generation of charter fishing guides." I am a 1986 graduate of the University of Alabama School of Journalism and Public Relations. I write about saltwater fishing.

  • F Feightner

    Case Communications Manager for 13 yrs. Business professional with broad experiences, including marketing, public relations, financial management, software support and development, business consulting and retail systems. Interested in integrated marketing initiatives and web applications to help develop consumer interest domestically and abroad.

  • Craig Boddington

    Executive Field Editor, Primedia Outdoor Group. Author of 18 books, more than 3000 published articles. Television shows: Co-Host, Guns & Ammo TV, Co-Host, Petersen

  • Charles Burchfield

    Published weekly in the DuBois Courier-Express, DuBois PA, and the Bradford Era, Bradford, PA. Published in state, regional and national publications. Weekly Outdoor Radio program aired on CONNECTFM Talk Radio. Past President & Life Member of PA Outdoor Writers Association, active member: Mason Dixon Outdoor Writers Association, and OWAA.

  • Chris Chaffin

    President Chaffin Communications, Inc., established 4/07, focusing on PR/Marketing/Communications for wildlife/conservation and outdoor recreation markets. Immediate past: The Outdoor Channel, Vice President PR/Conservation; Executive Producer of 'Fish & Wildlife Journal' TV series; Staff writer, Outdoor Channel Program Guide; Liaison with outdoor

  • Chip Hunnicutt

    10+ years in the outdoor industry, former Marketing Manager for Crosman Corporation, joined Arcus Hunting in 2016 to lead marketing efforts for the company's growing portfolio of hunting and archery brands.

  • Chuck Lichon

    Although my main emphasis has been in the waterfowl/fishing categories, I also write on various public health related issues, such as toxicology. I am currently completing a book on toxicology that will be directed at the general public. I am an allied health instructor at an area university and lecture on various subjects (e.g. Critical Thinking)

  • Courtney Miller

    Bachelors Degree in Public Relations from the University of Northwestern St. Paul Social Media Internship with Tourbillon Alliance Partners Digital Marketing Internship with Primer 180 Associate Editor, Primer 180

  • Jason Reid

    The Crosman Corporation is a storied company having built a reputation on quality airguns which have become part of the fabric of sportsmen around the world. In this position I work closely with the executive team in building messaging strategy and content, handling PR and representing the company and its subsequent brands of Center Point Archery and Benjamin to consumers and the industry. Additionally, I work with the Senior Digital Initiatives Manager to create and execute e-commerce strategies to drive sales and influence.

  • Dan Stefanich

    I'm a freelance outdoor communicator, sharing outdoor experiences through print, online and broadcast media throughout the Midwest. Residing in the Chicagoland area, I run a successful creative, marketing and website development firm by day and am an avid outdoorsmen the rest of the time. Get more info at

  • Darin Cooper

    Professional field & indoor archery 15 yrs. Top 10 @ Vegas & NFAA Indoor Nat'l 2006 US Field Archery Team - World Champ Team Redding Classic Team Champion 2X Engineer Hoyt Archery 10-years, Cam & 1/2 inventor Produced DD Bowhunting Cutting Edge DVD Eastman's Bowhunting Tech Editor - Chief Editor Western Hunter 2013 - Current

  • Dave Lear

    Former editor, Marlin magazine; Founding editor, Billfishing magazine; Contributor to Power & Motoryacht, MotorBoating, Tide, Garden & Gun, ESPN Outdoors Saltwater, Florida Sportsman, Guy Harvey Magazine, and numerous billfish tournament web sites. Field Editor, Salt Water Sportsman. Book author and editor.

  • David Pierce

    I have had commercial photography appear in 26 national publications. I began writing for the outdoor market in 1985 and produced the world's first traditional shooting sports magazine on the internet... This was long before there were any .COMs. Most of the readers were military and scientists.

  • David Cabela

    David Cabela is the author of three books: Cabela's World's Foremeost Outfitter, Two Hearts One Passion, and Two Hearts in Tanzania, as well as co-authour of Beast: The Collected Works of John Banovich. He lives in Nebraska with his wife, Shari, and their three children.

  • Don Causey

    Editor/The Angling Report, the newsletter for anglers who travel. Editorial and Publishing Consultant

  • Darren Choate

    As an avid hunter/guide in the west, my writing and photography focuses on the western big game species: mule deer, Coues deer, bear and elk. I am the founder, managing partner, and Editor in Chief of Western Whitetail magazine. Western Whitetail is a digital publication, and is the leading authority for White-tailed deer hunting in the West.

  • David Dolbee

    Accomplished public speaker/presenter, content management specialist, skilled social media communicator, corporate and strategic communications

  • Dianna Douglas

    Shreveport-Bossier: Louisiana’s Other Side. SEE IT! BET IT! TASTE IT! EXPLORE IT! CELEBRATE IT!

  • David Drew

    With 34 yrs experience in photography, broadcast & video, David is a professional videographer/producer/director in network affiliate TV and corporate/commercial video production. Satisfied clients include Cessna Aircraft, The Coleman Company, Beech Aircraft, Boeing, Spirit AeroSystems, Via Christi Medical, Koch Industries & many others.

  • Dennis Dunn

    Published in fall of 2008 a 504-page, hard-cover coffee-table-style book titled: BAREBOW! An Archer's Fair-Chase Taking of North America's Big-Game 29. Book won 2010 PINNACLE AWARD. Re-published book in 2012 as a 7-volume series of E-Books, containing all the stories, and artwork by Hayden & Dallen Lambson, that appeared in the original hardcover.

  • Dena Vick

    Outdoor writer, editor and contributor. Experienced in marketing, management, public relations, social media, multi-channel campaign development and execution. Published: Arkansas Wild, Fishing Tackle Retailer, Digital, River Management Journal. Editor: Arkansas Parks and Tourism Arkansas Wild Bike Arkansas ANPA (American Native Press Archives)

  • David Kopel

    Dave Kopel is Research Director of the Independence Institute, a think tank in Golden, Colorado, which is founded on the principles of the Declaration of Independence. At the Independence Institute, Kopel also heads the Second Amendment Project, the only research center at U.S. think tank which is dedicated to firearms law and policy issues.

  • Don Mallicoat

    Freelance outdoor writer published in Upland Almanac, Quail Unlimited, and Wildlife in NC. Weekly outdoor columnist for the Madison County, NC News-Record & Sentinel and Asheville Tribune. Also southeast Regional Director for The Ruffed Grouse Society.

  • David Page

    David is the complete outdoorsman. He and his family live on a small ranch in the mountains of Idaho where the outdoor lifestyle isn’t just magazine gloss, but a way of life. He has made his entire career based on his passion for the outdoors. He started as a fly fishing/hunting guide, moved onto being a river ranger for the Bureau of Land Management and has finally settled on a career behind the camera. His outdoor film career is diverse; it has taken him from farming and ranching, to some of the most dangerous big game hunts in the world and even to the most extreme off-road racing. His knowledge and experience in the outdoor world shine through in the film and media that he produces. He is the outdoor lifestyle .

  • David Sartwell

    Award winning regular outdoor columnist for the Gloucester Daily Times, a frequent lecturer, contributor to several books, and am a freelance magazine writer/photographer. A member of and past president of NEOWA since 1966. A member of GWAA, ESSWA,, NASJA, OWAA, and BWI. Hold a Captain's license and was a professional hunting guide.

  • Allan Smith

    Award winning film & television producer with a focus on tactical & outdoor video production. Winner of the 2016 POMA Pinnacle Awards for Broadcast. We produced for many corporate and network clients around the world such as the Outdoor Channel and more.

  • Brian (Duncan) Johnson

    Brian D. Johnson is a graduate of George Mason University, focusing his studies on history and law. Duncan has been featured in Time Magazine and has also written articles for the History News Network. Now with AmmoLand, Duncan contributes articles regularly and assists in publishing everyday gun news as an assistant editor.

  • Emaneul "Kappie" Kapp

    In 1996-I left the police force after 11 years of service. I started my own production company; this finally led to me producing for television and smaller productions. In 2004 & 2006 I won awards for productions done with Marc Watts. In 2011 Young Blood aired on the Outdoor Chanel, I'm currently working on 2 more TV shows that is scheduled for '14

  • Eric Hung

    I’m an educational entrepreneur who co-founded, a math & science video tutorial site for high school and college students. I also love guns. I founded Pew Pew Tactical as a quality firearms resource written from the point of a newbie. Complete with plenty of nerdy references and timely memes.

  • Steve Sorensen

    I've been writing in the outdoor press for about 10 years, am a member of the Pennsylvania Outdoor Writers Association (and serve on its Board of Directors), and have won numerous awards from POWA for my articles in national and regional publications. I also am a field editor for Bear Hunters Online and edit online content for Havalon Knives.

  • Galen Geer

    Publisher/Editor, The Pines Reveiew Literary Journal Outdoor Ed., Soldier of Fortune: hunting products & in-depth articles. Associate Editor African Expeditions: issues, events, book reviews for Africaphile. Columnist (Back to Basics), Whitetails Unlimited. Freelance & Avail. for Assignment. Lecturer: Literature, ethics, BLOG: The Thinking Hunter

  • Glenn Helgeland

    President, Target Communications. Editor/Publisher -- 'On Target' series of outdoor books. Incidental freelance writing. Founder/Content Director of five deer & turkey hunting expos (MI, OH, IL, KY, WI).

  • Gordy Krahn

    Editor/Deer & Deer Hunting/August 2014-Present Editor/North American Hunter/February 1999-January 2014. Co-host/North American Hunter TV/January 2004-January 2014. Editor/Trapper & Predator Hunter/April 1990-February 1999.

  • Dan Thomas

    Sr. Editor, Great Lakes Basin Publications, President; Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council, member, POMA, OWAA, SEOPA, BWI, AGLOW, NSSF

  • Gerald Scott

    BA English/Creative writing, Kansas State U 1970. Professional (i.e. paid) outdoor writer 1983-present. Approximately 3,000 magazine credits and 6,000 newspaper credits. Weekly outdoor newspaper column 1984-present. Member OWAA 1986-2004. Member SEOPA 2000-2009.

  • Addison Edmonds

    Gunner Kennels was conceived in a duck blind & inspired by my best friend Gunner. I’ve always felt uneasy traveling with him in traditional plastic crates–watching Gunner work in the field made me realize I wanted to build a kennel with as much drive as he gave when retrieving. So I sold my advertising company in MS & moved home to TN to do that.

  • Glen Wunderlich

    Outdoor columnist for the Argus-Press of Owosso, Michigan and write a weekly column titled 'Thinking Afield'. Write to educate and entertain relative to the shooting sports, hunting, and legislative issues. My blog is Write for Lightfield's Hunting Club at Chairman of Perry Youth Hunt Extravagana

  • Hal Sullivan

    Currently serving as Trapline column editor for Fur-Fish-Game, and Field Editor for The Trapper and Predator Caller magazine.

  • Hannah Garner

    I am from Childersburg, Alabama. I am currently attending the University of Montevallo as a Education Major. I am part of the Presidential Outdoors Scholar Program. I am the First ever Buckmaster's Scholar. I am very active in the outdoors. I am an avid hunter. I love everything about the outdoors.

  • Diane Hassinger

    I am the Director of Ladies in Camo, a women's hunting mentoring group. I write outdoor articles and product reviews to help women understand the hunting and fishing activities better. I also have an outdoor blog; that chronicles my triumph over breast cancer, and my return to the hunting community.

  • James Powell

    I am Director of Communications for Ducks Unlimited and have served as Editor of the Journal of the American Chestnut Foundation, as a columnist for Turkey Country magazine, as a comm. specialist for Cabela's and a communications manager for the NWTF in addition to writing freelance articles for a variety of other publications and Web sites.

  • Jared Frasier

    I am an expert marketer based out of the tech-hub of Bozeman, MT. I help businesses succeed by engaging their customers holistically & leverage industry relationships for my clients' success. Occasionally, I speak at schools, conf's & industry clubs on internet marketing. I also partner with one of the few Google Certified Partners in the Rockies.

  • Joe Byers

    Full-time writer and photographer for 25 years. Former hunting editor for Heartland USA (10 years). Currently Field Editor for Whitetails Unlimited and Pro-Staff member with OEI Properties Inc. Specialize in hunting, fishing, and adventure travel.

  • Jay Cassell

    Editorial Director of Skyhorse Publishing. Has written/edited six books on hunting; appeared as a guest host on the Woods N Waters show, and as a guest on Beretta On Assignment; has been published in Field & Stream, Sports Afield, Outdoor Life, Petersen's Hunting, Time, and others.

  • John Doty

    John has an undergraduate degree in journalism and professional experience in daily newspaper reporting, editing and publishing, subscription-based magazine publishing (both established and start-up), natural resource PR & communications in the federal sector, freelance writing and photography, and corporate communications for start-up entities.

  • John Jefferson

    Whitetail columnist for Texas Wildlife Magazine, monthly fishing columnist for Texas Outdoors Journal. Freelance writer and photographer with credits from

  • JoLee Liepman

    With an ever-expanding line that includes motorcycles, outboard motors, ATVs, personal watercraft, snowmobiles, boats, outdoor power equipment, race kart engines, accessories, apparel, and much more, we at Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A., strive to contribute to the quality of life. Your life.

  • Jodi Stemler

    Jodi has a degree in wildlife management from Rutgers University. She has worked for a state fish and wildlife agency, the National Wildlife Federation, and the Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation. Since 2005, she has worked as a consultant focused on conservation policy and communications work for a wide range of organizations.

  • Joseph Classen

    Joseph Classen is a life-long outdoorsman who currently lives with his family on Kodiak Island, Alaska. He has a vast, diverse skill set as an outdoor multimedia specialist. Joseph is the author of eight books, has written countless articles for a wide variety of magazines/periodicals, and has contributed to many other outdoor media projects. He produced and hosted a nationally syndicated outdoors themed radio show for several years, is a professional freelance nature/wildlife photographer and videographer, and has worked closely with some of the top conservation biologists and organizations in the world. In addition to his media work, he also owns and operates a guide service on Kodiak Island, where he take clients into some of the most extreme, and potentially dangerous wilderness settings on earth. Along with his outdoor/media background, he also has extensive training and over two decades of experience working in the area of human services, which has enabled him to develop both administrative and advanced interpersonal skills.

  • John DePalma

    Division manager Red Wing Shoe Company/Irish Setter Sport Boots-1984-1996. VP Marketing and Sales CC Filson-1996-2004. Partner, COO, CMO-Orion Multimedia-2006-2011. CEO Brand Intelligent-2005-present.

  • Joshua Wolfe

    Currently, I am the assistant editor at Sporting Classics magazine and the editor of our online publication, Sporting Classics Daily.

  • Jon Pries

    Weekly column in Webb Weekly newspaper. Freelance magazine credits include: Pennsylvania Game News, Pennsylvania Outdoor Times, Turkey Country and Farming for Wildlife.

  • Jerry Springer

    Editor of California Deer. Column for Wilderness Unlimited Flyer Editor & Publisher of Gear Corner

  • John Taylor

    Shotgunning columnist for Sports Afield and Delta Waterfowl, Contributing Editor for NRA Publications, regular contributor to Wildfowl, American Rifleman, American Hunter, Shooting Illustrated. Book author: The Shotgun Encyclopedia and Shotshells & Ballistics (Safari Press).

  • Julie Mogenis

    Retired Texas Judge hosts & produces 2 internationally broadcast outdoor series(onFOX& NBC Sports) & several features including those involving big game hunting to bio diversity,eco system restoration & genome mapping for various network venues.the Judge is a member & affiliated with numerous industry related organizations from SCI ,ASA, NRA etc

  • Judy Branham

    Judy is a staff writer for Huntress Life Magazine and freelance writes for other publications. She is currently writing a book about female hunters. She is a member of NSSF, NWTF, POMA and more outdoor organizations. Being a seasoned hunter for over 30 years she has years of hunting adventures to share. Judy also is a public speaker.

  • Kris Angstadt

    The owner, Kristopher Angstadt has a vast knowledge in Real Estate Development and Construction with over 18 years experience as a new home builder and historic home renovator. Kristopher holds a Virginia Class “A” Contractors license, is a certified Energy Star Builder and holds an Earth Craft of Virginia and RVIA certification. He is a member of the Fredericksburg Area Builders Association and National Association of Home Builders. After building numerous tiny homes and being an avid hunter and outdoorsman, Kristopher realized there was a need for not only affordable housing, but affordable lodging needed for hunting and outdoor activities. His personal experiences with overpriced, unnecessary and uncomfortable lodging during extended hunts, coupled with his experience in building tiny homes lead him to engineer and design the perfect hunting shack.

  • Keith Crowley

    Author: "Gordon MacQuarrie:The Story of an Old Duck Hunter"and "Wildlife in the Badlands". Contributing author: "A Passion for Grouse". Photo and/or writing credits in American Hunter, Sporting Classics, Ducks Unlimited, Bugle, Peterson's Hunting, Wisconsin Sportsman, Wisconsin Outdoor Journal, Wall Street Journal, London Time, Paris Match, et al.

  • Kenneth Cook

    Earned a BA in Journalism at University of Georgia and a MS in Communications at University of Illinois. Active member in SEOPA; Board Member of Georgia Outdoor Writers Association; Worked in advertising and marketing for 35 years before becoming a full-time freelance writer.

  • Kevin Jarnagin

    Whether running down to Mexico for largemouth bass or heading up to British Columbia for an elk hunt, Jarnagin is constantly searching for the next outdoor adventure. Jarnagin got his initial introduction into the outdoors with Steve Scott then moved to Blue Heron Communications. Currently, Jarnagin is the Content Manager for Gun Talk Media. He's tasked with elevating GTM's content and exploring new outlets for consumers to enjoy GTM's many offerings.

  • Kat Mattoon

    Executive producer, show host and general manager of Rocky Mountain Television Network (RMTV). All original outdoor programming, 24-7, throughout Central Colorado. Also show host, videographer, and voice over talent.

  • Kristi Drawe

    As the Director of Marketing for TxAT, I oversee all marketing functions for the Aguila Ammunition and Texas Armament & Technology brands. Prior to joining TxAT in July 2015, I was the Director of Marketing for Aimpoint, Inc. for six years. I'm also an avid hunter and shooter.

  • Kevin Tate

    Creative Director Mossy Oak Productions; supervise post production staff, quality control on company's television/video products, writes voice over copy; online editor on Avid platform. Consulting Editor for Mossy Oak's Hunting the Country Magazine, directing content and writing some departments; other occasional freelance magazine work.

  • Michelle Scheuermann

    Michelle Scheuermann is a 12-year veteran of communications in the outdoor industry. In 2012, she started her consulting business, BulletProof Communications, and works with Sportsman Channel along with other clients in the outdoor world and beyond. Her goal is to help clients reach their target audiences utilizing a mix of on-line & off-line means

  • Larysa Switlyk

    Certified Public Accountant & Licensed Real Estate Agent Co-ambassador for State of Florida for “Hunt of a Life Time” Putting on an all female wounded warrior turkey hunt with Wounded Warriors In Action. Writer, Producer, and Host of a female hunting, fishing, adventure TV show, “Larysa Unleashed”

  • Lew Carpenter

    Editor of Regional Representative for the National Wildlife Federation. Past producer for Orion Multimedia. Launched 'The Federal Experience' and 'The Bucks of Tecomate with Jeff Foxworthy.' Produced the third season of TRCP's 'Life in the Open.' Past Editor of Western Outdoors Magazine.

  • Larry Chesney

    Managing editor of Sporting Classics magazine. Freelance writer/photographer for 15 years, as well as an advertising agency creative director.

  • Lea Leggitt

    I have been hunting with my mother since I was a little a little tike and I am now taking to the woods on my own as well as guiding others on their hunts. I write about these adventures on my own blog and have shared them at Women's Outdoor News, Western Whitetail, Girls With Guns Clothing, and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

  • Laura Evans

    Marketing and public relations executive proficient at media relations, promotional campaigns and contract negotiations. Adept at developing marketing tactics and fostering strategic relationships to increase market share supporting revenue goals. Possess a flair for establishing exceptional rapport with individuals on all levels internally and externally. Extensive experience with domestic and international media relations.

  • Lisa Wells

    Wells is a member of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, and actively engages in the Outdoor Industry as the publisher of In The Wild Outdoor Journal.

  • Liza Sautter

    I got my start in outdoor media with my first radio show about the Claiborne Youth Hunting Program when I was twelve. After a couple more radio programs and TV interviews, I sold my first magazine article to Bugle when I was 16. Now at 18 I am building my career in outdoor media.

  • John Stallone

    I am the marketing Director for The Hunting Channel, a National pro-staff shooter for Mathews, Swhacker, trufire, Sneek Tec, Bow IQ , cogburn and Gold tip as well as many more . I am a well-known outdoor videographer and writer in the hunting industry. My program is viewed over 4million x monthly. Won viewers choice 2014 Carbon TV

  • Margot Ardoin

    A team player with a heart for excellence & a unique marketing skill set, Margot Ardoin entered into a greater vision in 2014 by joining forces with communication specialist Ainsley Beeman. They've yoked their combined talents into an inspiring company, Purposed Communications. Margot, looks forward to adding her own flair to the outdoor industry.

  • Matt Soberg

    Matt Soberg is the Editor & Director of Communications for the Ruffed Grouse Society. He edits and publishes the Ruffed Grouse Society magazine and manages web content for He received his BA from the U of MN, Twin Cities and his JD from the William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul, MN.

  • Matt Chandler

    Matt is a savvy and creative Communications Advisor with a proven track record of developing and executing strategic communications campaigns that engage across channels, audiences and sectors. A traditional and digital media specialist, who is 100% results driven and focused on delivering to program objectives, on time and within budget – with pro

  • Michael Dickerson

    Accomplished freelance outdoor writer, publication editor and PR executive. Award-winning experience in publication editing, journalism and photography. Widely published with hundreds of stories in numerous national and regional outdoor publications, with current emphasis on national firearms and hunting publications.

  • Marty Fischer

    Outdoor television host since 1992. Current Host/Producer of TNT Outdoor Explosion TV on Pursuit Channel (26 episodes annually), Columnist for Sporting Clays Magazine, Outdoor Editor for South Magazine, Freelance writer multiple publications, active public speaker for SCI, NWTF, GA & SC Wildlife Federations and numerous outdoor consumer shows.

  • Michael Faw

    Freelance journalist and photographer covering hunting, fly fishing, archery, bird watching, backpacking, conservation and other outdoor pursuits around the globe. Available for assignment. Book author and editor. Freelance editor and communications consultant. Member of the Public Relations Society of America.

  • Mia Anstine

    I love exploring, learning and sharing life and survival in this modern day Wild West. I share findings, conservation, experiences, products, recipes, stories and news to inspire you to spend more time with your family and friends, whether it be outside, hunting, at the shooting range or around the table, savoring all life has to offer.

  • Michael Fernald

    Recently I have created an organization called Turkey Hill Outdoors. We film and produce our hunts and provide high quality outdoor entertainment. We're learnig everyday and I am trying to pursue any means possible to improve my skills and expand my network. I believe that I have a unique eye for outdoor videography and a strong drive for what I Do

  • Mike Marsh

    Freelance outdoor writer-photographer. Newspaper: Weekly Features in Wilmington, Raleigh, Goldsboro and Tabor City papers. Magazine Columns in NC Game and Fish. Monthly features in NC G&F and NC Sportsman. Published works appear in dozens of magazines. Author of four books, with Fishing North Carolina published Feb, 2011.

  • Melissa Nichols

    For over 30 years Streamlight, Inc. has been engineering and designing a constantly evolving line of personal lights, many of which now feature the latest in combination LED/incandescent technology. Streamlight manufactures a variety of high-quality portable lighting products.

  • Thomas Petry

    Toms background in outdoor television stretches out over 15 years,where most of that time has been spent educating people in outdoor video production.Tom has taught many individuals that currently make their living in the outdoor industry. They say those who can’t do, teach,however,Tom was genetically engineered to do both and loves what he does!

  • Michael Shea

    Michael R. Shea is a freelance writer, editor and video maker. He served as the Special Projects Editor for Field & Stream and a video editor for both Field & Stream and Outdoor Life. He currently blogs The Rut Report on and is the Atlantic Flyway Migration Editor for

  • Mark Thomas

    Mine has over 100 publications, and is too lengthy for this format. Chairman of the Board - National Board of Directors, Quality Deer Management Associaiton. Chairman - Southeastern Society of American Foresters

  • Nancy Jo Adams

    Owner/Founder/Sole Proprietor of Life in Camo Media, LLC, Freelance Writer, Staff Writer, Content Strategist, Blogger, Website Media Owner, Amateur Photography and Videography. Founder of Ladies in Camo, LLC

  • William Crawford

    The University of Montevallo’s Presidents Outdoor Scholars Program is committed to educating the next generation on the values of work ethic and conservation to lead the way in protecting our heritage for the benefits of our wildlife, lands and natural resources.

  • Paul Wait

    Paul Wait is editor of Delta Waterfowl magazine, a membership publication reaching an active, conservation-minded set of waterfowl hunters. Before joining Delta's communications team in 2011, Wait was editor of Wildfowl magazine. He is a past editor for InterMedia Outdoors and F+W Media. Wait has 17 years of professional media experience.

  • Paul Bourcq

    I am a professional photographer and videographer that owns drift media. We represent some of the industry leaders in hunting and fishing. We specialize in motion graphics, photography, tv shows, and commercials.

  • Pete Rogers

    Award winning author of well over one hundred articles and four hundred photographs annually for numerous state, regional and national publications and websites. Former President and Chairman of the Board of the South Carolina Outdoor Press Association. Conduct dozens of seminars and workshops annually on hunting and trapping techniques.

  • Porter James

    Second recipient of the Buckmasters scholarship. Apart of the outdoor scholars program at montevallo

  • Eric Dinger

    A serial entrepreneur, Eric started his first company while in college. Since then he has started, bought, built and sold businesses. His life's work in technology and digital marketing has culminated in Powderhook, a tech company that builds tools to help the outdoor industry solve some of its most important challenges. Powderhook's mission is "Access for All," and everything the company does is free for outdoorsmen. Powderhook makes money through a subscription service, called Powderhook PRO, which is used by leading brands to automate digital marketing tasks.

  • Randy Newberg

    Host of nationally distributed TV shows and podcast. Owner of influential web forum on western hunting topics. Board of Directors of Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (2013-present). Board of Directors of Orion The Hunters Institute (1995-2008 with five years as Chairman).

  • Richard Bernier

    Northeast field editor -Deer & Deer Hunting mag. Hunting editor - Outdoors mag Contributing writer - Whitetail Institute Nature photographer, Seminar Speaker Author of three titles regarding white-tailed deer.

  • Roger Eckstine

    Author, Photographer, Videographer Shooter's Bible Guide to Home Defense, Shooter's Bible Guide to Knives Contributing Editor Gun Tests Magazine, KNIFE Magazine, Firearms and Personal Defense Consultant and lecturer. Firearms test professional.

  • Mark Holyoak

    As the director of communication I serve as RMEF spokesman, supervise internal and external communication efforts, write news releases, provide support to RMEF staff, prepare newsletters, supervise the staff of Bugle magazine, report for Bugle and the RMEF blog and lead social media efforts. Previously, I was a TV broadcast journalist for 24 years.

  • Roy Hill

    Roy Hill has written for many publications, full-time and freelance, since 1993. He has an MA in English, taught various college courses for 18 years, advised two college newspapers, coached a college rifle team, and ran his own CCW training business. He is currently a Copywriter for Brownells

  • Ryan Repp

    A former police officer and law enforcement trainer, I currently work at Brownells as copy and public relations writer.

  • Cole Justice

    Sellmark Corporation and its employees are committed to bringing the most innovative, highest quality and cost effective products to the ever-changing global marketplace. Sellmark’s first priority is to provide its customers with the best value in consumer outdoor products by integrating the latest technologies, designs and operational excellence.

  • Paul Fuller

    I have served as a fishing/hunting magazine editor, freelance writer/photographer, sportsmen's show producer, fishing radio host, gun dog columnist and host/producer of Bird Dogs Afield Internet TV and broadcast TV show. I'm a two-term past president, director and life member of New England Outdoor Writers Association.

  • Steve McGrath

    Steve has a passion for working in the outdoor industry that began with being a backpacking guide over 20 years ago. That love has only gotten stronger over the years with added hobbies to keep him in the backcountry. He is now the Marketing/PR Director for SPG company, which licenses some of the biggest names in the hunting industry.

  • Stan Skinner

    Former Editor of SAFARI Magazine and SAFARI TIMES monthly newspaper; Editor of 10th and 11th Edition, CARTRIDGES OF THE WORLD; Editor of GAMEMASTERS of the WORLD by Chris Klineburger; Contributing Editor, GUNS & AMMO Magazine.

  • Suzanne Sullivan

    Loves the outdoors (US & International-waterfowl, upland, big game, fishing & archery.) Speaking professional on topics including marketing/advertising, teamwork/leadership and designing/selling new products. Manage 5 businesses & 3 web sites (; Active in organizations which make the world a better place, by providing seminars/hands-on help. Working on first book.

  • Stephen Evatt

    Advertising Manager for 23 years with FMG Publications. In October 2013, I started Evatt Marketing with the sole purpose of Connecting Content Producers with Outdoor Industry Products for Testing and Evaluation.I especially enjoy discovering innovative products from small companies and getting those into the hands of Content Producers.

  • Stephen Finch

    Started at Realtree in 1994 as a producer/cameraman, I had never been hunting before I started working there under David Blanton. We started Monster Bucks, Realtree Outdoor, Co-Creator with Michael W of Realtree Road trips. I was at Realtree for 11 years. Since then...I was co-Creator of Bone Collector and producer/cameraman for the first 4 years.

  • Mark Hirvonen

    I have been involved in the outdoor media industry since 2002 when I was elected to the board of Jim Posewitz' group Orion-The Hunters Institute. I met Randy Newberg while on that board and helped him to conceptualize the "On Your Own Adventures" television show and website and bring it to reality. We are now in our eighth season of production.

  • Charlie Holder

    Established in 1959 with the first ever patented, double reed duck call. Since the inception of the Yentzen Caller, many more products have come to fruition at Sure-Shot Game Calls and now produces over 35 products.

  • Susan Ebert

    Career magazine professional who served on the staffs of Texas Monthly and Organic Gardening magazines, and as the Publisher & Editor of Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine. Currently on staff at American West Media as Associate Publisher & Editor of Western & English Today and contributor to Cowboys & Indians; Sporting Classics columnist.

  • Susan Wade

    Susan has a bachelor's degree in public relations and master's degree in communications. Prior to becoming the public relations manager at the Springfield CVB, she was a reporter at The News-Leader, a Gannett newspaper in Springfield.

  • Tyler Brinks

    Tyler has turned a lifelong passion for bass fishing into a career in the outdoor industry. He writes for several leading outdoor publications, his own blog as well as for tournament organizations. In addition to writing, he works as consultant, social media manager and pro staff coordinator for several fishing industry brands.

  • Tim Burres

    Freelance writer and photographer primarily focused on hunting and conservation. Active member of OWAA.

  • Tony Bynum

    Outdoor Life, Field and Stream, Bugle, Nat Geo, Petersons, Bow Hunting etc. Unique, professional quality western, traditional outdoor sporting images, hunting, conservation, adventure sports, big game/wildlife, hunting stock photography, & western tourism markets. Photography writer, photography Editor @ Western Hunter Magazine. Hired for editorial, advertising, commercial outdoor photography, & public lands/conservation photography assignments around the world. Works on motion picture and film sets regularly. We guarantee content excellence for every client!

  • Thomas Carney

    Michigan-based, award-winning, full-time freelance writer, photographer, book author, lecturer. Editor, The Upland Almanac. Specializing in news and features about fishing, upland bird hunting, wildlife and land issues, nature, travel, and hunting dogs.

  • Tim Flanigan

    Producing award winning images and articles for various publications for 30 years, credits cover numerous venues including magazines, newspapers, books, on-line publications, calendars, stock agencies, galleries, etc. Nature Exposure offers limited editions of fine art photography on canvas and premium papers of a large and varied stock inventory.

  • Ted Gartner

    Director of Corporate Communications for Garmin International. Oversees public relations, sponsorship, digital/traditional advertising, and social media.

  • Tim Esterdahl

    Tim Esterdahl is a new outdoorsman living in Western Nebraska with family hunting property in Wyoming. He is a trained journalist with many years of experience covering the automotive market. While new to hunting, he is a storyteller at his core and understands complex issues quickly with a knack of simplifying them for a general audience.

  • Ted Hatfield

    Former Senior Editor at Sports Afield and Executive Editor of The American Rifleman. Feature article, product review and TV script writer. Author of

  • Tim Christie

    My professional career began in 1981 with the publication of my first photo on the cover American Hunter. Since then my photos and articles have appeared in magazines, advertising campaigns, product packaging, calendars, the internet and other media. While in the business for 30 years, it's always an honor to have a client select my work.

  • Tim Noland

    As an Account Executive, I work with clients to help them build brand awareness, increase web traffic, drive sales and ultimately grow their business. Being in the right place at the right time is no coincidence. Whether on a hunt in the woods or managing a marketing program, both require research, strategic planning and execution. Its what I do.

  • Tom Keer

    Tom is the owner of The Keer Group, a branding, marketing, advertising, content marketing and public relations company. TKG specializes in vertical outdoors markets in publishing, outdoor consumer products and sporting venues.

  • Tammy Koenig

    Professional hunter, writer,educator, videographer and seminar speaker dedicated to communicating her passion for the sport of hunting. Tammy is host of the show "Leading Ladies Outdoors" which showcases mother/daughter connection/young hunters and veterans. She is a 35 year "seasoned" big game bowhunter whose love of God and hunting is contagious!

  • Tom Claycomb III

    Been writing for 16 yrs. Outdoor columns in newspapers in Alaska, Oregon, Idaho, CO, Nev., Ut. and La., RonSpomerOutdoors, Hunt Alaska Mag, Bass Pro Shop and freelances for many other magazines. On Pro-staff for multiple companies and have tested product for hundreds of others. Teach 50+ seminars/year at shows like the SCI Conv., DSC Conv. & Expo and stores like Cabela's, Bass Pro Shop and SWH. Guided hunts for show Kid Outdoors.

  • Tom Scott

    I began my career in sales, marketing and product management in the hand and power tools industry. I have worked for Remington, Otis Technology and now FN America in this great industry.

  • Tom Carpenter

    21 years experience as a content, creative, copy and communications professional on all outdoor fronts -- hunting, fishing, nature, natural resources and conservation. Works on both the editorial and marketing sides of the industry, with special skill at bridging both with content. Versed in all of today's digital strategies and approaches.

  • Tom McHale

    Freelance writer covering shooting, self-defense, concealed carry, reloading and more for a dozen or so different print and online publications. Published six books related to shooting sports and personal defense.

  • Tom Opre

    Produce/direct national advertising/social media content projects for outdoor recreational industry including ATV, snowmobile, boats, outboards, hunting and fishing. Producing online shows Eye of the Hunter, Extreme Huntress, In the Hunt.

  • Noel Vick

    A fishing-specific PR and marketing group. We camp, but only to be closer to the fish. We climb, and we bike, but usually only when our trucks break down. Now fishing? Right there in our wheelhouse-we fish, and fish well, and can communicate fishing information to fishing folks fast and with a flavor that is only Traditions Media.

  • Al Voth

    Retired from a 35 year career in law enforcement, Al now works as an editor, freelance writer, photographer and forensic consultant. He is editor of the Canadian Firearms Journal, writes for print and web markets, is a court qualified expert in firearms, toolmarks and gunshot residue and a voting member of POMA, Outdoor Writers of Canada and AFTE.

  • Todd Schwarzschild

    I started my career with CNN, working primarily on documentaries and investigative journalism. I then after many years, went to CBS, where I helped revamp the Evening News digital operation, before returning to CNN to work on branded content. I left CNN after a year to help start a golf network. I am now the head of Rated Red, a digital video network which targets heartland millennials, who are also big fans of outdoor sports.

  • PJ Hermosa

    P.J. has been with Texas Law Shield Firearms Defense Program since the early beginnings. He has worked his way up from a part time Member Services Representative to the position as National Director. P.J. brings unparalleled enthusiasm for members and our cause of offering piece of mind to all gun owners. He was born and raised in San Antoni

  • Al Snow

    Currently serves as the Communications Specialist for Visit Central Florida and Central Florida Sports Marketing, Al is responsible for business development and oversight of marketing and public relations strategies in the outdoor recreation tourism segments including fishing, shooting sports, cycling, hiking, golf and nature/ecotourism.

  • Linda Nelson

    Seasoned vehicle writer with a specialty in sport vehicles since 2009. Sport vehicles -- particularly trucks and SUVs -- are as critical to outdoor activities as any other gear and equipment. There would be no trailering without capable tow vehicles. The same is true for off-roading, camping, and activities other outdoor activities.

  • Will Elliott

    Lifelong writer. Freelanced 55+ years, 26 with Buffalo News, New York Outdoor News. Credits in Walleye, Great Lakes Angler, NY Outdoor Times and regional publications.

  • W. Bruce Hutcheon

    Earned a BS degree from Univ.of WI-La Crosse and a MBA from Calif. Coast Univ. Career was spent with Thomson Reuters in sales and sales management.Presently, elected to serve on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Sportsmen’s Roundtable. Published articles GOABC. Launching Whitetail Rendezvous podcast and a current freelance contributor to

  • William Hovey Smith

    Author of nearly 30 books and thousands of newspaper and magazine articles, Wm. Hovey Smith has been more recently into PodCast radio with his show "Hovey's Outdoor Adventures," and more than 230 YouTube videos on the wmhoveysmith channel. He has also consulted witn major companies on new products, product development and advertising.


  • Happy Campers- This Week on Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk

    While Tom’s away in Argentina, the Gun Talk After Show crew, Jim and Michelle, will be taking over the airwaves, this week on Tom Gresham's Gun Talk®, the original nationally-syndicated radio talk show about guns and the shooting sports! This Sunday, National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Tisma Juett calls in from NSSF Fantasy Camp in Las


  • NRA Honors Officer Jason F. Falconer as 2016 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year

    The National Rifle Association honors Officer Jason F. Falconer of the Avon (Minnesota) Police Department as the 2016 NRA Law Enforcement Officer of the Year for his acts of valor and heroism in his quick, life-saving action during an attack at the Crossroads Mall in St. Cloud/Waite Park, Minnesota in September 2016. “I am humbled


  • Wildlife Habitat Protected, Access Improved in Nevada

    MISSOULA, Mont.—The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation worked with a conservation-minded landowner, the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) and the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) to protect 4,500 acres of key wildlife habitat in northeast Nevada via a voluntary conservation easement agreement. The project also improves access to nearly 19,000 acres of adjacent public land.


  • Northern Light Viewing / Photographing Tutorial Video

    Writer, photographer, guide and Kodiak Alaska POMA member Joseph Classen recently produced a video tutorial for viewing and photographing the Northern Lights. The video is meant to be a complete guide which covers all the bases, from understanding what the Northern Lights actually are, where and when to see/photograph them, how to monitor their activity,


  • Latest Update on Using Form 4457s for Traveling With Firearms

    SCI has contacted U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) for assistance in dealing with South Africa’s decision to accept only 1) Form 4457s with expiration dates that follow the date of travel or 2) Form 4457s without expiration dates that show proof of being issued in 2017.  Please see this previous article for more background


  • American Eagle Introduces 6.8 SPC and 6.5 Grendel Varmint & Predator Loads

    Federal Premium Ammunition is pleased to announce it has expanded its American Eagle Varmint & Predator lineup with new 90-grain 6.8 SPC and 6.5 Grendel loads. The loads combine accuracy, consistency, reliable performance on target and an affordable price tag to create the perfect round for the avid varmint hunter. Shipments of these new products


  • WAR IN THE WOODS: Raid to Reclamation Video Just Released

    Press Release: By: James Swan A new 24-minute documentary WAR IN THE WOODS: Raid to Reclamation has just been released by producer Rick Stewart of American Zealot Productions.           In WAR IN THE WOODS: Raid to Reclamation, Rick Stewart and his crew take the viewer on missions with the Marijuana Enforcement Team (MET),


  • Whitetail Rendezvous Releases Food Plot Book

    WANT TO DISCOVER how to create a mineral and protein rich food plot?  Exclusive insights are shared by John O’Brion of Grandpa Ray Outdoors and presented by Whitetail Rendezvous media group. In this special excerpt taken from his popular food plot book “From Soil to Success – A guide to Food Plots, Nutrition and Management


  • The Ruger 10/22 Takedown Heavy Barrel- This Week on Guns & Gear

    On this week’s episode of Guns & Gear, we’ll feel the difference with Ruger’s new 10/22 Takedown Heavy Barrel. Then, we put new ammo to the test! We’ll hit the range with DoubleTap Ammunition’s Colt Defense Ammunition, and do a ballistic gel test with VOR-TX ammunition from Barnes Bullets. And, if you’re looking for a


  • Cerakote Creations- This Week on GunVenture

    This week on GunVenture, see how Cerakote creates their incredible designs when we visit the Cerakote Firearm Coatings’ facility for an up-close look at the coating process. Plus, join Ryan Gresham and Chris Cerino for a coyote hunt with Nosler’s Mason Payer in the snowy mountains of Oregon, before the crew checks in at 10