FREE POMA Webinar – The Economics of Hunting and Consevation in America – Dec. 18, 2013 at 3 p.m. EST

Hunters and anglers have been lauded for their significant contributions to conservation, but how big is conservation, economically, in the U.S.? Join Rob Southwick of data research agency Southwick Associates to see the full picture during this free POMA webinar.

  1. How much money goes into conservation beyond our license revenues and excise taxes?
  2. How does the conservation economy work and whose jobs depend on conservation investments?

Rob will answer these questions and provide insights into conservation funding, hunting and fishing economics, and more.

Rob is the president of Southwick Associates.  For 20 years, Southwick Associates has been the leader in fish and wildlife economics and an expert in outdoor-related business trends. Natural resource agencies, industry and the media look to Southwick Associates to learn more about the economic and business-related aspects of fishing, hunting and other outdoor recreations. Since the 1980’s, Southwick Associates has provided detailed economic assessments of hunting, fishing, wildlife viewing, and other outdoor activities.