FREE POMA WEBINAR: How to Create Simple YouTube Videos to Generate Income, May 22, 2014, 2 p.m. Eastern

YouTube videos have become the favored search engine for many outdoor enthusiasts seeking basic how-to information and entertainment. These videos have the advantages of costing nearly nothing to produce, post or maintain and can return a small amount of income from Google Ad Sense.

May 22, 2014

2 p.m. EDT

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Wm. Hovey Smith has had over 1,300,000 views of his 300-plus videos, each of which also advertises his products. During this seminar, he will illustrate how you can produce acceptable quality videos with an inexpensive video camera, 35-mm digital camera, tripod and free Movie Maker software.

“By using these elements, your YouTube videos can be better than 80 percent of those now seen,  because quality information will always trump presentation values,” Smith said.

Wm. Hovey Smith is a Georgia native who grew up as a self-taught hunter after his father died. These circumstances resulted in his writing as he learned how to hunt and publishing 15 books, hundreds of magazine articles, two radio shows and over 300 YouTube videos as he continues to investigate forms of outdoor communication.

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