POMA Business Conference

POMA's annual business conferences offer attendees a wide range of benefits and money-making opportunities.

They include:

  • High-level business-building tracks focused on increasing business and new media
  • Product testing venues: Product Showcase, Shooting Day, and POMA Camps
  • Networking gatherings where media and industry come together to share ideas, develop content, and build business
  • College student mentoring
  • Pre- and post-conference media opportunities
  • Generation of more than two million dollars in ad-equivalent editorial, and
  • Much more

Review attendee comments regarding conference benefit.

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POMA is looking forward to amazing events and continuing to raise the bar on business education and growth, networking, and content gathering.

11th Annual Business Conference
Kalispell, Montana ♦   June 15 - 18, 2016


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Past Conference Sites 
2006 Springfield, MO
2007 Visit Minneapolis North, MN
2008 Sioux Falls, SD
2009 St. Louis, MO
2010 LaPorte, IN
2011 Ogden, UT
2012 Tunica, MS
2013 Columbia, SC
2014 Knoxville, TN
2015 Springfield, MO
2016 Kalispell, MT




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Charlie Burchfield's Thoughts on POMA Membership & Conference

Is it possible to double your income in the outdoor communications field in light of the current economic environment? The answer is YES, and POMA has been a driving force that helped me to do so.

The POMA conference held in Columbia, SC, was a real eye opener and served as a catalyst for learning. Those who attended can attest to the quality of seminars, not to mention the overall experience. The conference provided an exciting blend of activities that sparked an atmosphere for success. My recent gains can be directly attributed to attending the Conference. 

My personal approach to the event was based on how I approach the business of outdoor communication. That is, “If you can’t justify yourself to the tax man, then you are applying your efforts as if it were a hobby.”

That’s fine for some, and that’s okay. However, that’s not ever been my approach to any of the outdoor writer’s conferences I’ve attended. By participating my goal has always been to take home knowledge while gain experiences and have some fun at the same time. It’s a simple formula, and when applied has served me well. The result has also given me that means necessary to improve my bottom line. And that’s were POMA comes into the picture.

“You can teach old dog new tricks, if the old dog is willing to learn. Well, when it comes to the ever changing world of new technology each one of us have become old dogs. Technology is, and will continue to change. That’s reality. For those who have the desire to succeed there is an ever growing need to embrace technology then follow through, and employ it in our daily efforts. POMA has helped me to do just that.

My traditional markets have remained stable. Applying what was learned at the recent POMA conference has opened up two new markets, both of which embrace “the new technology” while advancing the traditional outdoor lifestyle by sharing it with others. And yes, these efforts are rewarded financially. But can these kinds of gains be expected into the foreseeable future?

Reflecting on my annual income, the X- 2 multiplier will not occur every year. That’s a fact, maintaining a goal that combines covering the cost of the annual conference, and to financially put to use what was presented over the year to come sure goes a long way to improving the bottom line.

Simply put, POMA works for me, in turn that works for POMA. 

Charlie Burchfield

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Serious About Business. Conference is for You


If you miss this event, you're doing yourself and your business a disservice. POMA's conferences are must-attend events for communicators and company PR reps. Even after 40+ years in the business, I learn new practices and make money at conference.

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The POMA Reach


For me, the POMA Conference is a “must attend” event each year. I make a point to attend because POMA increases my REACH.

Relationships: I have made so many great friends in the industry through my association with POMA and I make more each year I attend. The conference is a chance to make those relationships happen and each year it’s provides a reunion among friends. Relationships built at POMA last a lifetime.

Education: The opportunities to learn at the POMA Conference are incredible. Industry experts and legends provide seminars and training on the issues and topics outdoor communicators find most relevant. Each year I learn what more what to do, what not to do, and what I need to do better.  POMA Camps and the range day provide attendees the chance to learn about what’s new in the outdoor industry in a live, hands on environment.

Accessibility: You may see outdoor legends at SHOT, ATA, SCI or the NWTF national events but do you really get to spend much time with them? At POMA you do. Having the chance to eat a meal with or just hang out with legends like Jim Zumbo and  J. Wayne Fears is not only a wonderful opportunity but also an incredibly enriching experience.

Community: Being surrounded by so many like-minded people in the industry is both encouraging and motivating. Everyone attending is single-minded and working together to better themselves and others. Plus, it’s fun! You simply cannot get that many outdoor communicators in one place at one time and not expect there to be a good time to be had by all!

Heritage: If you are like me, my passion for outdoor communication came as a result of reading the legends write their amazing stories in Field and Stream, Outdoor Life, the American Hunter, and others publications while growing up. When I was a kid, the local school and public libraries actually received these magazines so when I could not afford them myself, I’d read them there. Outdoor journalism is an art and it is one that must be protected and grown so the next generations can benefit from these stories as well; whether it is digitized for the times or in a traditional print publication. Attending the POMA Conference allows you to make a personal investment in our heritage and its future impact. 

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#1 Outdoor Communicators in the World!

Are a professional in the outdoor communications world?  Not attending the annual POMA conference? You are missing out on something BIG. The POMA conference is not just for the traditional print, outdoor writer. It's for everyone whether it be print, radio, TV or blogging. 

Because of the networking and business opportunities created by attending the conference, I've been able to grow my successful business in a difficult economic climate. I look forward to the future due to my involvement in the POMA conference. 

Do you want to be part of a organization which represents the best of the best in outdoor communications? Attend the 2013 POMA Conference in Columbia, SC this March. 

Tom Opre


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POMA Conference - Cornerstone of a Changed Life

The annual POMA conference is the best way to broaden your reach and grow your business. Conference offers invaluable opportunities to network, brand and build friendships with some of the nation's best outdoor writers, photographers, videographers, TV and radio broadcasters, marketing experts and our amazing corporate partners.

Workshops offer the tools and resources you need to diversify, grow and succeed in your business; the sky's the limit! Whether you're a rookie or a seasoned veteran, mentoring works both ways as our communications climate continues to evolve; learning at conference may come from the classroom or a lunchtime conversation.

If you're looking for a way to reach an audience, whether you're a communicator or a corporate entity in our outdoor industry, POMA conference isn't just a game changer, it's a life changer!


Kevin Reese

Conference-From a Corporate Partner (Company) perspective

POMA Conference has become one of the key events in our yearly marketing plans. It's an opportunity to not only get to know new people but to reacquaint with old friends. I value the time spent at conference, both in the seminars and of course at the outdoor events. Thanks to POMA for putting together such a great gathering year after year.

Steve McGrath
Camp Chef

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Super Conference

Ask a baker to taste your pie and if they tell you the crust is flaky and wonderful and the apples seasoned to perfection and you know you have a compliment. I've organized events and conferences for over 20 years and have to say that attending my first conference with POMA last August in Mississippi was an absolute delight. Not only was everything extremely well organized and communicated, but the speakers for the conference were top notch. Timely content with excellent presenters made the days fly by. I met wonderful industry people and took away not only a jam-packed to-do list but new industry connections to help make it happen. This is truly a professional organization and one that I am proud to have joined. I can strongly recommend the POMA organization and the conference. Join us in South Carolina in March and find out for yourself. 

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Face Time & Business Opportunities

I have attended every POMA conference since the organization was founded. Why? The networking. I have the opportunity to sit down with the biggest names in the business. When I leave conference, I know I'll have a stack of business opportunities to follow up with and wonderful memories of the fellowship I enjoyed. Sure, I can accomplish a lot via social media, but NOTHING can take the place of face time with other professional communicators and corpporate partners.

Tammy Sapp

The Conference Makes Me Money

I have made every POMA Conference, and am looking forward to the 2013 Conference in South Carolina. Three conferences that we usually attend are scheduled within a four-week time frame in 2013, and we are trying to decide which one of the OTHER two to also attend.

At the conferences, we have so many opportunities and the program is always packed with good business sessions. When there are two programs of particular interest scheduled at the same time, it's always a coin-toss, since usually both are subjects with which I need help. And, the help is always there!

But in addition to excellent, beneficial programs designed to help us put more money in the bank, the contacts established are invaluable. I've already had one call from a Corporate Partner about an article they wanted written as a result of the Aug. 2012 event! And this is not the first year that's happened.

See ya in South Carolina!

John Jefferson

What a great opportunity for job seekers!

I went to my first POMA conference during college. Wow, what a great opportunity for students/job seekers to network with the industry's top professionals. Nowhere else can you have conversation after conversation with people about business opportunities, enhancing your skills, or even your last outdoor adventure. 

For me, it's pretty simple. POMA led to networking, networking to internships, internships to a strong portfolio, a strong portfolio to my current position. Thanks to POMA, I am a business development and communications specialist at Kalkomey Enterprises. We produce recreational safety education materials for all 50 states.  

Thank you POMA! Thank you for paving the path and allowing me to grow myself as a professional. 

Mitch Strobl

POMA Leads the Way

I have attended all but one of the conferences.  Unlike many other organizations, the seminars at POMA are way ahead of the loop on subjects such as computer use, software, business use of websites and blogs, and the social networking.

The speakers are cutting edge and willing to share "secrets" of their success.  Looking back I find that speakers and subjects that I heard at POMA several years ago are just now making it to the regional organization's conference agendas.

Don Gasaway

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Conference is worth your time!

The conference allows members of POMA to engage, one-on-one, in a setting and atmousphere that's perfect for learning and developing new contacts and ideas.  Every year I come away with more helpful information and connections than I can sort through.  That's testiment to the rewards that POMA brings to the Outdoor Media world. It's one conference that I can not afford to miss!  See you all in March! "Together, we're doing great things."

Tony Bynum


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How is the POMA Conference Beneficial to You/Your Business?

Past conference goers, share your thoughts on the benefits of the Annaul POMA Business Conference right here.


I believe that the POMA Business Conference is one of the most important benefits of my membership in the organization.  Combining the opportunity of learning from some of the best minds in the industry, the latest techniques and communication methods, with the informal chance to converse with others in your specific market who may be experiencing similar challenges, is immeasurable!  The amount of renewed energy from my attendance  is rivaled only by the amount of new knowledge gained each year.  Making this conference a priority event each year is one of the best steps you can take to success!

I Would Never Miss This Conference


We at NRAhuntersrights.org find talented outdoor communicators who know our issues and who will stand up for the rights of hunters and shooters and defend the Second Amendment. The informal setting lets us have meaningful contact with industry reps and other corporate members. Beyond that, the technical seminars help us keep up-to-date on the rapidly changing universe of electronic/digital publishing. I would never miss this conference.

J.R. Robbins