Holly Green gave attendees great information on rebooting your brain in today’s fast-paced world. She gave us a few techniques that will help us give our brains the break they deserve. Holly also offers 12 weeks of follow-up and resources to continue on the path to rebooting your brain.

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About Holly

Holly is CEO of The Human Factor, Inc., and helps business leaders and their companies achieve excellence by creating clarity on what winning looks like and determining how to get there with the resources and energy of the organization aligned and focused so everyone is in the same race.

An experienced business leader and behavioral scientist, Holly has a rare combination of extensive academic training and in-the-trenches experience working in and leading organizations. She was previously president of The Ken Blanchard Company and LumMed, Inc. Holly’s clients include Microsoft, Hilton Worldwide, Edwards LifeSciences, SKLZ, Google, and numerous small and midsize businesses.

Holly’s top selling book, More Than a Minute: How to be an Effective Leader & Manager in Today’s Changing World (available in 9 languages globally) goes beyond the theory of leading and managing by providing practical, action-oriented information. Her newest book, “Using Your Brain…To Win in Today’s Hyper-Paced World,” will be released soon.  Download complimentary tools and resources at MoreThanaMinute.com.

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