Featured Business Presenters


Holly G. Green: An experienced business leader and behavioral scientist, Holly has a rare combination of extensive academic training and in-the-trenches experience working in and leading organizations. As CEO and Managing Director of THE HUMAN FACTOR, Inc., Holly helps business leaders achieve excellence by creating clarity on what winning looks like and determining how to get there. Her unique approach to strategic agility, alignment and engagement – based on the approach Pause, Think, Focus, Run – provides the tools, techniques, and skills needed for your business to reach its strategic destinations and achieve its goals. Holly has also authored two books, More Than a Minute: How to Be an Effective Leader and Manager in Today’s Changing World and Use Your Brain to Win. Some of Holly’s past clients include Google, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Nissan and Expedia.com.

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Peter Krogh: As a veteran photographer and digital media asset management guru, Peter is a walking, talking encyclopedia of information for POMA members. He is an Alpha tester for Adobe, one of a select group of photographers advising the company on new functionality and features of the software. In addition to photographing, Peter is an author of several books, e-books and websites. He is a leading authority in Digital Asset Management for photography and other media. His books include The DAM Book and a new e-book Multi-Catalog Workflow With Lightroom 5Peter is also a filmmaker. His work can be seen in Hope in South AfricaPeter is a member of the Board of Directors of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP).

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Peter Krogh

David Oakes: A skillful and gifted presenter, Dave uses humor to invoke more creativity, more forward thinking, and more assertiveness from his audiences. In short, Dave offers in-depth wake-up calls that inspire us to re-examine the routines and methods of everyday life. With strategic examples and user-friendly advice, Dave identifies solutions that give added meaning and new hope for an enhanced positive attitude. Because the focus of Dave’s presentations is on future trends and how they influence our professional and personal lives, audiences come away rejuvenated and motivated to accept change, which, after all, is the key ingredient for practical, healthy and successful living. Dave is also the author of the book Some Things Never Change.

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David Oakes

Todd Sheridan: A guru of the new wave of videography with cameras like the GoPro, Todd amazes the public and his clients, with his jaw-dropping landscape videography and background musical compositions. Todd has worked in the television, film, and gaming markets for several decades as a special effects artist, and has been flying remote control vehicles for over 10 years. His aerial films, featuring stunning nature & wildlife photography, are choreographed to original soundtracks at his studio “Birds Eye Videos” in Utah.

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Todd Sheridan

Tim Wagner: As vice president of content at WrightIMC, Wagner is intimately connected to the world of online communications and social media. WrightIMC (Integrated Marketing Communications) says, “If you intend to be found online by your potential customers, then you’d better have a plan – because your competition does.” When teaching and working with clients Tim and WrightIMC use the most current technology, bonafide subject matter experts and strategists, and a boat load of know-how that only comes from experience to not only give you a plan, but to create an honest-to-goodness difference in your bottom line. On a personal note, Tim grew up on a farm and ranch and still wants to be a cowboy. In his spare time, he refurbishes antique furniture and firearms. He’s also an avid outdoorsman.

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Tim Wagner

Outdoor Industry Featured Presenters


Mark Damian Duda: Mark Damian Duda is the Executive Director of Responsive Management, a survey research firm specializing in natural resource, hunting and fishing, and outdoor recreation issues. Mark holds a Master’s degree with an emphasis on natural resource policy and planning from Yale University, where he attended on two academic scholarships. During the past 25 years, Mark has conducted more than 700 studies on how people relate to the outdoors, including more than 200 studies on hunting and fishing participation. Mark is the author of four books, including The Sportsman’s Voice: Hunting and Fishing in America (Venture Publishing, 2010). He is also senior author of the report The Future of Hunting and the Shooting Sports: Research-Based Recruitment and Retention Strategies.

Mark’s research has been upheld in U.S. District Courts; used in peer-reviewed journals; and presented at major natural resource, hunting and fishing, and outdoor recreation conferences around the world. His work has also been featured in most of the nation’s top media, including National Public Radio’s Morning Edition, CNN, The New York Times, Newsweek, and the front pages of The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and USA Today. For seven years, Mark served as a columnist for North American Hunter and North American Fisherman magazines.

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Mark Damian Duda

Editorial Panel: Collectively, this group of editors and content buyers has seen and done it all in outdoor communications during their collective 115-years-plus buying and editing content. They are: Gordy Krahn editor-in-chief at North American Hunter, Mark Chesnut, editor of NRA’s America’s 1st Freedom, Glenn Sapir of NSSF and the Range Report, Eddie Lee Rider, editor of The Land Report and John Zent, the National Rifle Association Publications Editorial Director.

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Not a real editor 🙂

Steve Finch: During his two decades in broadcasting, Finch helped change the look of outdoor TV and develop a new generation of viewers and outdoorsmen and women. He is the CEO and Executive Producer with JBO Production, producers of national commercial campaigns, graphic/3D  production and a myriad of national outdoor television series including Jon and Gina Brunson’s Addicted to the Outdoors. Prior to joining JBO Production, Finch spent 15 years with Realtree (Realtree Roadtrips) and Triple Horse as a director and producer of television shows, highly successful video series and national commercial campaigns. As a partner, producer, and director at Surf & Turf Entertainment, Finch was an instrumental part of the team that created projects from concept to final presentation, collecting numerous awards along the way. A few of those creations were the hit outdoors series Bone Collector and Craig Morgan – All Access Outdoors, along with national commercial campaigns for Bad Boy Buggies and Scent Blocker and Rack1, just to name a few. 

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Steve Finch

Tim Flanigan: With over 30 years experience as a professional photographer, outdoor writer, program presenter and naturalist, Tim has enjoyed the recognition of national, state and regional photography and writing awards. Throughout his career as a nature photographer, he has been resolute to the rapidly changing technology and skills requisite for success. His work has been published online and in magazines, newspapers, calendars, phone book covers, pamphlets, postcards, advertisements, and books. Find Tim at Nature Exposure.

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Timothy Flanigan

Dr. Mary Zeiss Stange: Mary is the author of more than 50 academic articles and reviews, and four books, including Woman the Hunter, the first cultural history of the relationship of women and hunting. She is nationally recognized as the primary scholar working on the relationship of women and hunting. A contributing writer for the USA Today op-ed page, Mary has published widely on environmental, political, and public policy issues. She is a professor of women’s studies and religion at Skidmore College.

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Dr. Mary Zeiss Stange

Mark Weaver: As Associate Art Director for the National Rifle Association’s American Hunter magazine, Mark provides a broad scope of expertise, including publication design, corporate image development, photography, illustration, and television graphics. He has over 20 years experience in design and has been recognized on the national level by Folio Magazine, MARCOM and Design USA. He spent four years in the U.S. Army flying helicopters, including one tour of duty in the first Gulf War. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Marymount University. Mark lives in northern Virginia with his wife and two children.

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Mark Weaver