The POMA Pinnacle Awards, presented by Mossy Oak, honor excellence in communications related to the traditional outdoor sports of hunting, fishing, shooting, trapping and the traditional outdoor sports industry.

The POMA Pinnacle Awards, presented by Mossy Oak, honor excellence in communications related to the traditional outdoor sports of hunting, fishing, shooting, trapping and the traditional outdoor sports industry.

Acceptable areas of coverage include, but are not limited to: how to, where to, travel, profiles, business, conservation, natural history, heritage, equipment, issues and news.

Winners each receive an $800 cash prize and an impressive Telluride Slate award.

Award categories are:

1.  Newspaper/Internet Article
2.  Magazine Article
3.  Book (including E-books)
4.  Broadcasting (audio and/or video)
5.  Art and Imagery (painting, illustration, photography and graphics)
6. **Wildlife Conservation and Management (work in any medium is acceptable, but wildlife conservation and management must be the primary subject.)

In categories 1-5, the traditional outdoor sports must be the focus.

Contestants are allowed two entries per category for a maximum of 12. Entries in excess of two per category per contestant will be disqualified. You do not need to remove your name from submissions.

Multi-part submissions cannot be counted as one entry. Two-part articles/broadcasts, etc. must be submitted as two separate entries.

POMA Media Members in good standing may enter. If an individual media member—who is employed by a current Corporate Partner—enters, the individual is recognized, not the company.

Submissions previously entered are not eligible.

All submissions require works to have been published (publication date), broadcast (aired date) or exhibited for payment between Nov. 1, 2015 and Oct. 31, 2016.

Each category is weighed by judges who are professionals in their and/or the outdoor industry. Each receives a printed or electronic copy of all entries in the category they judge.

Book entries must be delivered by mail. Four copies are required. 

E-books must be in PDF format. A gift copy may be sent to so judges can see final formatting.

Broadcast entries may be submitted by mail on separate DVDs (four copies are required) or uploaded online.

Other entries may be submitted either by mail or electronically (articles/images/art as PDF files; broadcasts via upload) at the entrant’s discretion. We encourage electronic submissions for ease of entry and judging. All electronic submissions will be viewed by judges via secure sharing.

Entrants who wish to upload entries should contact Shelly Moore for upload instructions:

Mailed Entries: Each individual entry should be sent in a separate envelope, though multiple entry envelopes may be sent in a single package. Each individual entry should consist of an entry form, the published original or copy of the same, plus three additional copies – four copies total. Art, images and artwork should be on letter-sized paper. Each copy of multi-page entries must be stapled.

Emailed and uploaded entries must contain the published original (or copy of the same) and the required information from the entry form—as a Word or PDF attachment (see entry form below), or in the body of the email.

Required entry form information:

Member Name –
Category –
Publication/Broadcast Date –
Where Published/Broadcast –
Submission Title –

A minimum of five entries (combined from all eligible contestants) must be received in a category for an honoree to be selected.

Submissions are not returned.

Receipt cannot be confirmed.

Please send with delivery confirmation (i.e. USPS, UPS).

Request delivery receipt (if submitting via email) for proof of delivery.

If uploading per POMA instructions, enter your email address to receive confirmation of upload.

By entering the Pinnacle Awards, winners give permission to reprint works in POMA Briefs and/or other POMA publications.

Free Submission Deadline

Postmarked Jan. 8, 2017

Final Deadline, $5 per entry

Postmarked Jan. 26, 2017

Mail entries to:

POMA Pinnacle Awards
c/o POMA – Shelly Moore
1853 Frankstown Rd.
Johnstown, PA 15902

Email PDF entries to:


Member Name ____________________________________________________

Category (circle):     Magazine            Newspaper/Web         Art/Photography/Illustration

                             Book/E-book     Broadcast Audio/Video           Conservation

Publication/Broadcast Date __________________________________________

Submissions must  have been broadcast/published between Nov. 1, 2015 and Oct. 31, 2016.

Where Published/Broadcast __________________________________________

Submission Title ___________________________________________________

If submission is postmarked after Jan. 9, 2017, include a check for $5 per submission or make payment online at