2013 POMA SHOT Show Gathering – Watch It Online


POMA's Annual SHOT Show Gathering and Press Conference is a highlight for many show attendees. We network, share organization news, kick back for a few minutes, give way prizes, and have some fun. If you couldn't make the press conference this year, you may watch a segment of it right here. Annually, the POMA event is packed to capacity, the only such press conference (where food or beverages are not served) able to make such a claim. The reason, we're family – and we bring friends to the party who we hope will join POMA and become family members too.

A big thanks to Kevin Reese, a POMA media member and board member, for pulling this footage together for us so members and friends not in attendance can see what goes on at the event and enjoy all the great news shared during the event.

Finally, there's one more prize to give away. If you* see something strange in this video, and you tell POMA what you see in the comments section below, you could win. If you see what we see and comment before anyone else, you'll win $25 in POMA Cash. 



*Board members, staff, and Kevin Reese may not participate in the last prize giveaway