Where Can I Publish My E-book? Webinar

If you've been looking for information on where you can begin publishing your e-books – on your own, or through an aggregator – then this POMA webinar is for you. Writer and self-publishing guru, Kate Harper, takes us on the journey of where to begin and what is necessary to get your e-book published.

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Kate discussed the marketplace, how to get your book in a store, and suggested the best way to get started. She discussed:

  • Pros and cons of selling in different e-book stores
  • Understanding how e-book "aggregators" work
  • Which e-book stores sell the most books
  • Publishing without incurring any costs
  • What blogs, podcasts and community forums have the best information for writers


Kate Harper is gift designer who started selling e-book articles on Amazon two years ago. She found a paying audience for her skills and information. Based on her experience selling articles, she wrote a top-selling e-book called "How to Publish and Sell Your Article on the Kindle: 12 Tips for Short Documents," and has since dedicated much of her time to writing e-articles on educational topics.



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Click below to view the webinar.

Kate's links and resources.

**NOTE: An ISBN is not needed for e-books, but if you do need an ISBN, you can purchase at www.isbn.org or at RR Bowker, where you can get 10 ISBNs for $250.



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