Add Media Staff Members Under Your Corporate Partner Umbrella

Adding Media Staffers to Your Corporate Partner membership takes about three minutes.

  1. Review the screen shot below
  2. Fill out an application for a staff member or direct the staffer to fill out an application, following the selections outlined below
























After selecting Media Staff Member of a CP MOM or Contact (Primary or Additional) for a Corporate Partner or CP MOM, you must select the company this is a POMA Corporate Partner member. The example below uses CP MOM, but steps are the same for additional Corporate Partner contacts, as well.

Clicking the Current CP Members button will open a new window. Enter a few characters of the company name and click "Apply" to search, or scroll to the bottom to advance through the current CP member names.

When you click a company name, you will automatically be returned to the application window, and the name will show as Currently selected. If you've selected the wrong company, simply click the Current CP Members button again to change your selection.


Finish completing the information, and then submit application.