POMA Webinar - SEO and Google Keywords ~ Now Online

At the core of almost every SEO initiative is proper keyword selection - you want to create content across your site that contains keywords and phrases that balance high search volume, relevance to your material, and likelihood that you can appear for these terms.

Carrie Anne Peeler showed how to use Google Keyword Planner tool to investigate the amount of traffic and competition for keywords.

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Carrie Anne began as a business systems developer at iProspect 4 years ago before combining both her technical programming and creative marketing talents as an SEO specialist. She discovered Search Engine Optimization was the perfect avenue to apply her Business Information Systems and Marketing degrees from Texas Christian University and hasn’t looked back since. At iProspect, she has worked with over 20 different e-commerce and lead generation clients both locally and globally including Bass Pro Shops, Abercrombie & Fitch, Tory Burch, and NASCAR. In her free time she enjoys hunting and spending time at her family’s ranch outside of San Antonio, TX.



For progressive leaders, iProspect is the trusted global partner in developing customized, performance-driven strategies that transform consumer intent into action and drive conversions.  iProspect’s offerings span the full spectrum of performance marketing including paid and natural search, performance display, content generation, analytics, social media management, and structured data and feeds.

Since 1996, iProspect’s client list spans many industries and includes Fortune 500 companies such as General Motors, adidas, Neiman Marcus, American Express, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, The Gap, and others. Representing a diverse global footprint, iProspect has 55 offices in 40 countries with over 1,900 employees. For more information, visit www.iprospect.com or follow us on Twitter @iProspect.