New Test Platform for Small Optical Sights

I have constructed a Super Walker Colt muzzleloading revolver with a Weaver sight base on which I intend to test a series of optical sights.

Because the Walker is a powerful black-powder revolver it has significant recoil and also discharges quantities of black-powder residue at the barrel-cylinder gap directly in front of the optical sights. This is a very challenging environment for any optical sight.

If your company has an optic that you think is suitable for this pistol and up to the test, I would like to try it on this pistol where it will be exposed to sticky, crossive black-powder cumbustion residues.   

If your sight can be mounted on Weaver bases and you wish to send me one for testin you may contact me at  for shipping instructions.


Wm. Hovey Smith

Corresponding Editor, Gun Digest Annual