POMA Annual SHOT Show Gathering - Standing Room Only

Once again, POMA's Annual Gathering at SHOT Show was a huge success. The organization made three major announcements to the standing-room-only crowd. In addition, U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance provided an iPad for a lucky member attendee and Henry Repeating Rifles President/CEO Anthony Imperato made a surprise announcement.

During the press conference, POMA announced the 

  1. Unveiling of its new mobile app, POMA Mobile, for Android, Amazon/Kindle and iTunes/iPad/iPhone/iPod. Windows Surface users also may use the web app. Review the full release.
  2. Selection of Springfield, Mo., as the 2015 POMA 10th Anniversary Business Conference. Review the full release.
  3. Launch of SportsmanLife magazine, by POMA members and benefiting POMA. Review the full release.

POMA Media Member Thomas Carney left the event with a new iPad Mini as the winner of the member attendee drawing. Additionally, Anthony Imperato surprised the crowd by offering a Henry Repeating Arms Golden Boy Rifle for a drawing. POMA Corporate Partner representative Mary Ellen Giangiulo with Streamlight was the lucky recipient.

Dozens of other members and guests left the event with POMA Cash and prizes.

A huge thanks for the member volunteers who helped with the event: KevinTate, Tammy Sapp, Justin Morrissey, Bill Miller, Marilyn Bentz and Paige Darden, as well as soon-to-be-member Lisa Jane Barron.

Finally, we know many folks were unable to get into the room and could not attend the event. POMA is looking for an opportunity to use a larger space at next year's SHOT Show.