Auction Donations

Ensure the future of fair and honest coverage of the traditional outdoor sports by supporting the outdor industry's premier professional media organization, the Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA). Donate to POMA's 2014 Annual Business Conference and Gunbroker Auctions and Raffles, and enjoy terrific benefits. You don't need to be a POMA member to participate.

POMA is accepting donations for the auctions and raffles.

Shipping Information for Donations

These are the most important fundraising events of the year for POMA. So, please consider participating — as a donor or bidder — to help ensure POMA’s future.

POMA welcomes donations of business products (cameras, scanners, software), outdoor gear, media services (advertising, PR, photography or editorial services/packages), and outdoor-related trips.

Donate NOW Online

If you're able to help out this year, please take two minute to fill out the online donation form.


What will you receive in return?

Sure, you'll receive the goodwill of the organization and membership, but you'll also be:

•  Included in pre- and post-conference promotional materials

•  Mentioned in multiple press releases and marketing posts to more than 100,000 outdoor industry professionals and enthusiasts between January 2014 and May 2014

•  Highlighted via your logo being included on the POMA website from January 2014 to Aug. 2014

•  Promoted during the full conference and specifically at the auctions and raffles at the conference

Should you decide to donate, we'll follow up with complete shipping instructions in mid-February. All donations/certificates must be shipped directly to the Knoxville Convention Center for arrival between March 12 and March 14.

As always, thanks for your consideration, generosity and support

The generosity of POMA's member and friends, both donors and buyers, is unparalleled. They allow POMA to continue to provide top-notch services and benefits and help members grow their businesses.

Have questions, email headquarters.




Thank Your for Your generosity & Support