Deer-Lightful – This Week on Guns & Gear

Mandeville, LA –  This week on Guns & Gear, gear up for your hunt with Timney Triggers TIKKA T3 trigger, the Ruger American Rifle with AR/AI mags, Honey Badger hunting ammo from Black Hills Ammunition, the TRP RMR 10mm from Springfield Armory, and SIG’s BDX scope, and cases from Pelican. Guns & Gear showcases the... Read More

After a Self-Defense Shooting – This Week on Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk

Mandeville, LA – It’s a new gun safety book for kids, a Youth Ambassador opportunity from the NRA, self-defense legal information, and more, this Sunday on Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk®, the original nationally-syndicated talk show about guns and the shooting sports. Ryan Cleckner has worn many career hats – Army Ranger, attorney, professor, and author... Read More

2018 ORPA Highpower Rifle Match – Serena Juchnowski

Sunday, June 24 marked the return of the Ohio Rifle and Pistol Association (ORPA) matches to Camp Perry under the leadership of ORPA’s new highpower director, Samantha Henderson. This was an enjoyable learning experience and she noted that everyone has been incredibly nice and helpful. This 80-shot NRA match with two sighers at each position was, like the former day’s CMP events, shot on CMP’s electronic targets featuring Kongsberg technology. Competitors slept in an hour later with a match start time of 8:00 am, and the day proved much cooler and drier than the previous. Nearly everyone knew those shooting around them, increasing camaraderie and lending a more comfortable atmosphere to the match. Scorecards were turned in at each yard line. This was both a good and a bad thing as some competitors liked not knowing their total score as it alleviated some mental pressure while others did not like knowing where they stood.... Read More

Strickland Tops CMP 800 Aggregate and EIC Rifle Matches at Camp Perry

Four a.m. – that is the time many Ohio competitors awoke in time to drive to Camp Perry for the June 23 Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) 800 aggregate and subsequent EIC match. With everyone ready to go and at the 200-yard line by approximately 6:45 am, it seemed that the impending rainstorms may be just narrowly avoided. Firing was to commence at 7:00 am, but a miscommunication with range operations delayed the start until 8:00 am. Many used the extra time to visit with friends, load magazines, check zeroes, and to cover their gear in case of rain.... Read More

CMP Clinics Offer Top Notch Marksmanship Training at 2018 National Matches – Serena Juchnowski

Before the firing of the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s (CMP) National Trophy events, the National Matches schedule offers training clinics for all levels of shooters to receive personalized help and information. For junior shooters, the United States Marine Corps (USMC) Junior Highpower Rifle Clinic offers one-on-one training, dry firing and class work focused on safety, trigger control, fundamentals and effects of weather, among other things. For those looking for more than the basics, an Advanced CMP Highpower Clinic offers marksmen supplementary training, dry firing exercises and position work. Many juniors (age 20 and below) attend the USMC clinic year after year, using the opportunity to freshen up their skills before the bigger National Trophy matches, to socialize with other juniors and to receive coaching.... Read More

Double the Space – This Week on Guns & Gear

Mandeville, LA –  This week on Guns & Gear, Sightmark reflex sights for easy target acquisition. Plus, Barnes Bullets’ VOR-TX and LRX lines, optimizing storage with Gun Storage Solutions, Kimber’s stainless steel revolver, and Springfield Armory’s SAINT Pistol in 300 BLK. Guns & Gear showcases the latest and greatest products in the firearms industry with... Read More

Iron Women Compete in the 2018 Rattle Battle – Serena Juchnowski

“I thought it would be a good promotion for the shooting sports to put together an all-girls team,” said New Jersey Garden State Gunners Coach Walter Bachmann. “This was the first year that we were able to do that while we were out at Camp Perry.” During the 2018 National Matches, New Jersey fielded what, to everyone’s knowledge, was the first all-female team to ever compete in the National Trophy Infantry Team match, more commonly known as the Rattle Battle.... Read More

NRA Youth Education Summit 2018: Surprises and Successes – Serena Juchnowski

Whether someone is applying for a job, hoping to get into a college, or studying for a test...they may think that they are doomed to failure. Participants in the second session of the 2018 NRA Youth Education Summit (NRA Y.E.S.) proved that you never know unless you try, challenging a common misconception about the Y.E.S. program. Many potential applicants avoid or pass up the application for NRA Y.E.S. because they think that it is meant only for competitive shooters or for those with considerable firearm experience...and that's definitely not the case. The Y.E.S. program seeks to educate and foster leadership among teenagers with an interest in and passion for freedom and the United States. While Y.E.S. often attracts applicants with a background in shooting and hunting or those with military aspirations, neither are prerequisites for applying.... Read More

NRA Youth Education Summit 2018: Postcards from the Summit – Serena Juchnowski

“Every session of Y.E.S. every year is a little different, just because we have different kids and different personalities.” Abigail Klein captured some of the magic and uniqueness of the NRA Y.E.S. program in just one statement. Over the past 22 years of the National Rifle Association’s Youth Education Summit (NRA Y.E.S.), hundreds of students have experienced a week of learning, leadership, cultural immersion and camaraderie in the political center of the United States. NRA Y.E.S., sponsored by Friends of NRA and the NRA Foundation, is a week-long leadership program that seeks to educate the younger generations about the United States, history, government, firearm safety and the Second Amendment. Students participate in group debates, current event discussions, a tour of the NRA Firearms Museum, visit the National Mall and various other locations around Washington, D.C...and compete for the opportunity to secure thousands of dollars in scholarships.... Read More

Survival Mindset – This Week on Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk

Mandeville, LA – It’s finding your survival mindset, training with a competitor, companies and brands supporting gun control, and more, this Sunday on Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk®, the original nationally-syndicated talk show about guns and the shooting sports. Gunsite’s COO Ken Campbell joins Tom this Sunday to discuss the importance of having a survival mindset... Read More