Ammoland Offers POMA Media Members Free Marketing

Fredy Riehl with AmmoLand Shooting Sports News made POMA meida members an offer at SHOT Show. Fredy offered free bio postings on the website. He asked POMA ED Laurie Lee Dovey to test the system before posting it to the membership. "Wow! This is incredible," she said.

"Within hours of delivering my bio, it was online. Within a week, Yahoo picked it up for its syndicated content feed. Millions of potential customers have access to my bio and me. Wow! Now it's your turn."

From Fredy Riehl, Editor Ammoland Shooting Sports News

As you may know, AmmoLand Shooting Sports News has been looking for a way to connect with more writers and give something back to this community. So we have come up with the idea of syndicating Outdoor Writer Biographies on our newswire.

Basically we are treating each outdoor writer as we would any other business that uses our newswire, your business just happens to be the business of writing.

By putting your bio out there with the same kind of visibility we would for any other business - that is related to hunting, shooting or conservation - we hope to expand your exposure and increase your opportunity for work.

It costs nothing but your time and we hope you will take advantage of this idea as we want to see our friends and colleagues succeed.

You can see some examples by the brave souls who jumped at the chance here:

Here are the specifics in the content and layout of the article that we need to make up the bio.

The biography needs to be at least 600+ words, (there is no limit on the length you can write) include a head-shot and a lifestyle image of the writer. Include links as needed.

We feel the suggested narrative mode should be a third person point of view as that is easier for folks who are not comfortable writing about themselves and it will provide some unity to the articles when read in succession.

Remember this will be a permanent web-page, archived on AmmoLand, so feel free to include all your contact information as well. If you are uncomfortable with direct contact info being displayed you can include a link to our writer contact email address,, and we will pass along any message to you.

Also let us know that you're a POMA member, we'll put the POMA logo on your page and will link to the POMA website too.

What to write? A good primer on how to write your bio is found here, , with the main point being.

Instead of trying to cram in just the facts, Choose one very important story from your life as a writer. Using the colorful details that lead you to becoming a writer, hunter, shooter or outdoorsmen/women. Then weave in the hard data, dates & links to articles. This way, we feel you can developed a much more interesting biographical sketch. The colorful parts of the story served as a hook for the facts for each writer.

I would suggest at or near the end of each article you include a call to action, Like "I want more writing work so call me" ... well maybe not those words, but you get the idea and as a writer you can say it better.

This is new for us so, if you choose to accept this mission, you will be one of the first pioneer writers to try it. E-mail me when you are ready, hit me up with questions and let me know what you think?

Since our goal is to meet more writers, feel free to call anytime as we would love to talk with you, even if it is just to discuss the weather, politics or gun sports.

Fredy Riehl
Editor - AmmoLand Shooting Sports News