POMA Member Testimonials

POMA is working for its members. Let POMA work for you.
Ian Merritt
Photographer, Creative Director, and Videographer at IDM Photography

After admiring Rockhouse Motion's work for a while, Ian connected with Aaron, and after exchanging emails and chatting on the phone, they realized they have the same work ethic: “Work hard and long, cut out all the BS, and produce a premium product”.

Within a few weeks a job presented itself in the form of shooting a 20 minute documentary for Red Cap, a classic workwear clothing company that had started out in the 1920’s selling their rugged gear to mechanics and construction workers but had spent the last 30 years working directly with manufacturing plants to supply uniforms. Read the entire story.


Paige Darden
MyTopo, a Trimble Company

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate our membership in POMA.  I thought you might like to hear a great example of why it is important for companies like mine to support you. John Phillips has a new book, with a second volume already being worked on, that teaches people How to Hunt Big Bucks on Small Properties.  He has realized from our conversations over the years at conferences that MyTopo's private land data, which provides property owner names and boundaries on smart phones and printed maps, goes hand-in-hand with this type of hunting. Consequently, John is recommending his readers visit www.mytopo.com to get their digital and print private land maps. And, in turn, I am recommending to all MyTopo customers to buy and read his book. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to come to the conferences and meet writers and get to know them. The ones who are actively writing are great about learning how MyTopo can help them with any mapping needs they have personally or professionally and incorporating us into stories whenever possible. As I was writing this, John called to set up a taped interview tomorrow for an article he is doing about hunting on public lands!  Isn't that awesome? Thank you for doing all the behind-the-scenes work to bring writers and companies like mine together.


J. Wayne Fears
Freelance Communicator

As a full-time freelance magazine writer and book author I spend a lot of time alone - in the office, traveling and in remote locations. POMA through its Briefs, Business Conference and webinars offers me a very valuable means of staying in communications/networking with others in my field. The freelance lifestyle can cause a writer to become set-in-his-ways and stale without regular contact with other professionals. I depend on POMA for much of that contact and it pays off with fresh ideas, new projects, a growing list of professional friends/contacts, writing award opportunities and continuing education. I can’t image a full-time outdoor communicator not being an active member of POMA. In a job that can cut one off from much of the world, POMA brings the outdoor world to you.


Tom Claycomb

I have 7 articles publishing this week due to my association with POMA. Not to mention the numerous business opportunities from people that I have met. Just last week a company that I wanted to do some business with automatically jumped on board when he heard that I was a POMA member. I can't even begin to tell you how much business I did just this week due to my POMA connections.


Ann Petitie

POMA generates income for me on an almost weekly basis, in a strange way. Most members use Money Line as a job and freelance opportunity listing. I use it to generate editorial content ideas, especially for business/trade content buyers. Job listings offer tons of information about challenges faced by companies in our industry. I use those challenges as a basis to develop story ideas to pitch to editors/buyers. Thanks POMA for all you do!


Darren Warner
Freelance Writer

"It pays to be a POMA member," Darren Warner said in a recent note to POMA. "As a member, I'm able to receive more than three times as much for my work, from Buckmasters Rack magazine, than I would if I were not a POMA member."

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Josh Wolfe
Asst. Editor - Sporting Classics Magazine; Editor - Sporting Classics Daily

Had it not been for Money Line listings, I would not have found my current job at Sporting Classics magazine. I was traveling to Montana this summer with a friend, when we stopped in Kearney, NE for a night. In a small pub, I checked the Money Line, saw the job opening and applied for it thinking it was a long shot, but worth a try. Next thing I know, I'm sitting here telling you this. Needless to say, POMA has benefited me greatly!


Tom Claycomb
Freelance writer

Two months after going full time as a writer I joined POMA and attended their convention in Ogden. POMA has helped me make a lot of good contacts, writing and Pro-staff deals. I don’t see how you can go wrong by joining. If you want to write part-time, it will make you a better writer. If you want to go full-time, you’ll make more contacts. You still have to hustle hard but POMA has been a big blessing for me.


The Media Group - Joe Wieczorek

POMA is amazing. The responsiveness to member needs is unheralded among professional organizations. POMA listens to our clients’ needs and reacts to them. POMA’s commitment to the industry shows at every conference. Our clients can’t afford to not be at the conference each year.


J.R. Robbins

No one is doing what POMA is doing when it comes to education and opportunities. POMA reacts quickly to situations and is in tune with the needs of media and industry.