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POMA Teleseminars & Webinars

POMA offers dynamic business-building sessions via Teleseminar (audio only) or Webinar (audio and visual). The 30- to 60-minute sessions are free to POMA members and cover communications, new media, computer/software, imaging, marketing, public relations, business and more.

E-mail Teleseminar or Webinar topic or presenter ideas to [email protected]. POMA will do its best to fulfill your request or connect with suggested presenters.

Dave Oakes, a previous POMA conference and webinar presenter, has made another great webinar available to POMA members at no charge.
David Oakes, a popular POMA presenter, is offering the opportunity for POMA members to attend his next webinar, How To Get Things Done, at no charge.
Hunt's Photo and Video offers a free webinar for customers.
ASMP proudly presents a new online e-Learning series featuring UAV pilot, builder & photojournalist Parker Gyokeres
YouTube videos have become the favored search engine for many outdoor enthusiasts seeking basic how-to information and entertainment. These videos have the advantages of costing nearly nothing to produce, post or maintain and can return a small amount of income from Google Ad Sense.
In recent years, the Fair Use Doctrine has been used to successfully defend an ever broadening array of unauthorized uses. This expanded application of Fair Use is rapidly becoming the biggest threat to the continuing monetization of photography.
By now we all should know the importance SEO plays in the success of our online presence. The next hurdle is choosing the right keywords to include so that you rank high on search engines.
Hunters and anglers have been lauded for their significant contributions to conservation, but how big is conservation, economically, in the U.S.? Join Rob Southwick of data research agency Southwick Associates to see the full picture during this free POMA webinar.