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3 weeks 1 day ago
Finding clients as a freelance writer involves lots of pitching. Depending on your niche, finding the correct client to pitch writing or project ideas to can be one of the most common struggles for a freelancer. Here are a few ideas to help freelancers find clients to pitch their ideas to.
3 weeks 1 day ago
With the amount of existing social media networks, the time to manage them all can be overwhelming. Having a solid strategy can help you make sure your most important social channels are updated daily. After an initial time investment, it is possible to manage your social networks in just about 15 minutes per day.
3 weeks 1 day ago
Choosing the right platform for video advertising plays a big part in its success. Embedding it on a website is one option, but with YouTube being so popular, it makes great sense to advertise there. You'll need to know some basics about the options to create a successful advertising campaign on YouTube.
3 weeks 1 day ago
An outdoor company is seeking a Graphic Designer.
3 weeks 1 day ago
A leading sportfishing magazine is seeking images for its May issue.
3 weeks 5 days ago
A Texas-based outdoor association is seeking an Art Director of Graphic Design
4 weeks 15 hours ago
Gone are the days when website content contained keywords, but didn't necessarily make a lot of sense. The Google Panda update has made websites with poor content obsolete. Combining great content with SEO is a winning strategy. Engaging, original content is always going to stand out, and when combined with other methods, can keep your content creative and effective.
4 weeks 17 hours ago
A company is looking for a Senior Design Engineer.